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March 14, 2005, 06:22 AM
Hi all,

I've got a couple of Smith's that I was wondering if you might help me idnetify the date of manufacture.

First- S&W Mod 36 (no dash) serial # 1J0009xx

Second- S&W Mod 64-5 Serial BFM98xx

The first is my CCW, the second is great for just shooting. :)

Interesting story on the second one (Mod 64), I picked it up at a local shop a few years ago for around $160.
When I looked at it, it wasn't a mint gun, but in nice condition. It's stamped D.S.C. Prescott. AZ, and it was double action only. No bobbed Hammer, just the standard S&W plated hammer.

After some careful thought, some freinds and I came to the conclusion that D.S.C stood for Department of State Correctons. Sound about right to you?

Secondly, why would it be double action only?
I popped the side plate and noticed that the hammer never had a cut in it for the trigger sear.
Anyway, how could I go wrong? A decent Smith shooter for 160 bucks?

Thanks for your help in advance!