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January 12, 1999, 01:13 PM
Wild Hog Hunting:

Cherokee County in southwestern North Carolina and southeastern Tennessee supports a
healthy population of wild boar. Average weight can run anywhere from 150 to 200+ pounds of pure dog cutting plunder. Most of our wild boar are pure wild
Russian hogs which were introduced into Graham County, NC in 1908 and have become well established throughout the area.

Black Bear Hunting:

Black bear is abundant in the Nantahala Game Lands in Cherokee County as well as the Tellico Ranger District in southeastern Tennessee. The area that we hunt is surrounded by 3 bear preserves and the Smoky Mountains. Recently we have experienced a large migration of bear into our area due to poor mast in the Smokies.

White-Tail Deer Hunting :

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Agency's 1996-97 Harvest Report for White-Tailed Deer indicated that there were 116,664 deer harvested through out the state. A detailed breakdown per county can be found on page 55 of the 1997-98 Regulations Digest. Both North Carolina and Tennessee offers a good population of deer. Dogs aren't allowed to hunt deer in either state but there are some good areas for still
hunting along the many game trails here.


Both Tennessee and North Carolina offer a spring turkey season each year. Upcoming season for North Carolina is April 11 through May 9, 1999. Tennessee dates are April 3 through May 7, 1999.
The wild turkey is our largest game bird with gobblers frequently reaching weights of over twenty pounds. Wild turkey, cautious by nature can be a real challenge for the serious hunter. Experience, patience and a good turkey caller can help bag your spring gobbler. Turkey is considered a big game animail in both Tennessee as well as North Carolina.

For more information about hunting in this area please see my homepage at http://www.angelfire.com/tn/farner/index.html or email rfarner@tellico.net

1999-2000 Season dates available at http://www.angelfire.com/tn/farner/seasondates.html
Thanks, Cherokee Guide Service