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December 17, 1998, 05:30 PM
What would be a good load for coyote hunting in .223? The rifle used would be a AR15 with a 1in9 twist.

Rob Pincus
December 17, 1998, 06:23 PM
If you can get within 200 yards, you should be fine with a 62 grain (SS109) should be fine, given a good target presentation.
I prefer a heavier round for game hunting. The reason that I would trust an AR against a human everytime,but not a 4 legged critter is that you cannot always be sure of the angle you are going to get. With a human, you won't have to penetrate more that a few inches to get to something vital. A shot from the rear or throught the shoulder could require 10-12 inches of travel through the body to reach heart/lungs. A .223 bullet may not live up to that challenge.

If it were going to hunt with the AR, I'd buy some Winchester CXP1 (2 if it is available) Ballistic Silver tip .223. I've seen what the BST ammo will do on aninals in a few larger calibers at a few different angles and it is very effective.

good luck.

December 24, 1998, 03:23 PM
The Winchester load is excellent on Coyote.
Hornady VX is also pretty good.

Best is .45-70 Goverenment :) Punch holes big enough you can see daylight through.

Most .223 hollow point, expanding point fodder is good enough... Coyotes are thin skinned - but tough, and most these loads go deep enough...

Hornady Urban Tap rounds - not good. They fragment too much unless you get a good side view shot... Quartering away from you is a shot you dont want to take. I severely wounded one that way. Had I used a different load it would have taken the animal clean... instead I felt bad for almost a week.

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