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Rob Pincus
November 4, 1998, 01:25 PM
Okay, I am about 24 hours from leaving for the first deer hunt of year. I got a big box of clothing from Flint River, One German Rifle without any scope mounts and one American rifle sighted in at 100 yards with Winchester Ballistic Silvertips, a knife and a wife.
So, I am ready to go, hopefully I will be able to keep up with the forum from the road.

Has anyone hunted in the area of Texas just north of Abilene, near the base of the Panhandle?

Rob Pincus
November 5, 1998, 01:12 PM
Okay, boys (& gals), I'm outta here for a few days. 3 rifles, 3 shotguns, couple of knives, 4 hand guns, bag full of ammo, camera, video camera, RT camo, and my wife.. Guess that outta do it? oh, and my shining new flashlight (my 3 cell is next to the seat in the truck too...)

Take care guys, if by some miracle the ranch has access, I'll keep in touch. Otherwise, try not come up with anything too profound until I get back!

be safe,


Rob Pincus
November 12, 1998, 06:43 PM
WEll, I'm back. Our group dod okay, here's the score:

Blaser Rifle: 1 buck, 2 does
RT Glock: 1 Russian Boar
Remington Scout Rifle: 1 buck
Chuck Staple Knife: 2 wild Hogs
Cactii: several fingers, two shins, a knee and one shoulder
Thorned tree branches: one ear, one hand and one testical.

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures online soon. The whole thing was a big success. I'll be jumping back into the other forums later...

Rich Lucibella
November 12, 1998, 07:01 PM
More info, Rob.
Especially about the RT Glock and Knife kills.

Rob Pincus
November 13, 1998, 12:13 AM
Pictures can be seen at:


The Knife kills were during night time Wild Hog hunts, using dogs. We let out "baying" dogs to find the hogs, then once they had actually found the hogs, We move to where we hear the barking nd take the "Catch Dog." The catch dog is your friend. Ours was a little pitbull named Rexy. Rexy gets the attention of the business end of the hog while the other dogs (hounds, etc..) are pulled off and held by the guide. Both of my hogs were taken at night, whch meant charging through the thorns and cactus in an adrenaline rush. (Luckily I had recently won a 6Z flashlight...which I had by the lanyard in my left hand! ;)). When we got to the hogs the guide calls off the baying dogs and lets the catch dog go. Then, when Rexy has the hogs attention, prefereably but biting and holding on to one of its ears,you grab it by the tail, then one of the hind legs, flip it over, use a knee to pin it down and Drive home the Blade. The hogs have an incredibly thick shield of sinew and fat on either side of their chest cavity, so the knife is best driven through what on a human would be the trachea.
(The "shield" trapped a 10mm Hydra Shock inside one boar that my wife shot at about 10 feet.. it is TOUGH!)
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately!) We never found a BIG 300 pounder while we were there, but I got a couple of littler ones. It really is envigorating. The Baying dogs chased the second one I got into the river and I had to jump in after it, I took that one while in water up to my chest without the help of Rexy.
The Guide offerred to help pin the hog if we had found a big one. He had also offerred to go into the River and catch my second one. Apparently some people let the dog and the guide do all the work except the sticking.. I'm sure the pictures would look just as good, but the video would reveal the truth of the "hunt"......

(we are discussing knife hunting in more depth at http://www.bladeforums.com )
My wife shot a russian boar during the day with the RT Glock. One shot right behind the shoulder with a 180 grain Hydrashok. It penetrated the shield, went through the lungs and wast stopped in the opposite shield. I was very disappointed at the lack of expansion. The "shield" clogged the HP. Given the lack of expansion I was doubly surprised that the bullet didn't completley penetrate the animal. Where's our Winchester bullets when we need them ??

Contact Krooked River Outfitters in Haskell Texas (use any search engine they have a website) for more information.. Tell them you want "Barefoot Bob" to take you on a Hog Hunt.... a two day hunt runs about $500 with lodging and meals per person. I think that includes kill fees for one Russian Boar and two meat hogs.
Seems like most people just go after the hogs as part of their Trophy buck packages ($3000 for three days including 1 buck, 2 does, 1 hog, + varmints)
Anyone in the Missouri area should be able to see this hunt within a month on "Show-Me Outdoor Adventures" I believe it is distributed through TCI Cable. Next fall it will be aired on the Fos Sports Networks. Don't expect to see the Knife kills, media being what it is. Most sponsors would balk at the cool river scene as the knife was driven home, it looked like a scene from Jaws.... (perhaps we can have a viewing of the raw footage some time...?)

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Rob Pincus
December 16, 1998, 10:34 PM
Here is a picture of the knife I used on the hogs. It is a custom made knife by Chuck Staple. Chuck is doing this years SHOT show knife and is well regarded in the celebrity collector circles. He has made over one hundered unique knives for charity events as prizes and auction items.


Rich Lucibella
December 17, 1998, 03:47 AM
"That's not a knife, Mate..."
"That's a knife!"
No insult to Chuck. His is a beautiful and, obviously, functional knife. I just couldn't resist the image of the one of a kind Cheetah!

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Rob Pincus
December 17, 1998, 06:29 PM
Again, your scanner wins, but my knife is better ;)

("how so?" you ask... how many hogs has your knife taken?)