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Ken Campbell
October 13, 1998, 08:27 PM
Ty: My partner and I are looking at a hunting trip in September 99 in the Port Alsworth area. Any suggestions as to outfitters, a place to stay, etc.?
Thanks, Ken

Rich Lucibella
October 14, 1998, 11:11 AM
Welcome. We knew you'd make it! Ty emailed me yesterday. He's on the road and having modem problems. Should be checking in soon.

October 15, 1998, 04:31 PM

While awaiting Ty to sort out his connectivity arrangements, I took the liberty of asking the former Commander of Fort Greely, AK, if he had any recommendations that might assist you in your planning and coordination.

He indicated you may not need a "hunting guide" as not all game requires a state certified guide to hunt. Since I didn't know what you had in mind I was in the uh-huh and nodding my head vigorously up-&-down mode. So herein lies the first task, determine what to hunt.

He also indicated you'd need to know *where* you want to hunt, as each guide has a specific *box* or region where he is licensed by the state to conduct guide activities. This will determine *who* is your guide, should you in fact need one.

Lodging may be in the local community, depending on how much time you want to spend gawking about. Or, perhaps you & your partner would prefer to go straight away to a line shack, depending on the guide's resources and the package you arrange.

I won't have the opportunity to meet with him again until next Monday, but if you know some of the preliminary info, I can get more baseline info for you to compare and contrast as you put your trip together. He not only spent several years of official time there, but periodically returns to hunt. He has considerable info regarding that pursuit available from his personal library. There is no fee for this, but there is no little expectation of a report on the trip and lots of pictures to load onto the site.

October 20, 1998, 02:47 PM
Alaska. Man what a DREAM! I would sell all my guns but one to go on an Alaskan Hunting trip. Alaska being the only non new england state I haven't been to, and the one I want to goto the most. Go for a critter you can't get here in the lower 48. What Fun!

Rob Pincus
October 20, 1998, 03:17 PM
A buddy of mine runs most of the licensing for Realtree, obviously he gets to do a lot of hunting. All he has talked about for the last 6 months is a trip he is taking to Alaska next august for a bear bow hunt. He just brought back a years worth of meat from a dream moose hunt and when I talked to him this morning we ended up talking about the Alaska trip!

I guess I'll catch the bug to _need_ to head up that way myself soon..
But, I'm not going to sell any guns to do, I might _buy_ one though!

October 26, 1998, 02:09 PM
Beware of Federal Hunting Laws while hunting in Alaska:

(excerpt from the Washington Post, Monday October 26, 1998, section B, page 10, column 4, credited to Reuters News Agency)

Hunting TV Host Runs Afoul of Game Laws

ANCHORAGE - The host of a nationally syndicated hunting and fishing television show and three others have been indicted by a federal grand jury for felony wildlife offenses, prosecutors said Friday.

John "Buck" McNeely, who hosts "The Outdoorsman With Buck McNeely," was charged with shipping out of state a caribou killed in violation of federal and Alaskan law. The indictment alleges that in August 1996, McNeely, of Missouri, and a fellow hunter from Minnesota, Michael Doyle, each killed a caribou on the day they were flown to their hunting sites by James Fejes, a big-game guide, said official s with the U.S. Attorney for Alaska. Alaska law forbids same-day airborne wildlife hunting.

According to the indictment, Fejes told McNeely - who was filming an episode of his television program - and Doyle to hide the fact that they made their kills on the day they were flown to their hunting sites. The caribou were then taken to NcNeely’s (sic) and Doyle’s home states in violation of the Lacey Act, which bars interstate transportation of unlawfully killed wildlife, the Justice Department said. The hunt occurred near Fejes’ base camp north of King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula in southwest Alaska, official said.

McNeely, Fejes and two of the guide’s employees, Blaine Morgan and William Vollendorf, both Alaska residents, were charged with conspiracy to violate federal law, the Justice Department said. Doyle was charged separately with a misdemeanor Lacey Act offense, official said. The conspiracy and Lacey Act charges each carry a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine, officials said.

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Glacier Blue
November 13, 1998, 12:20 AM
Ken-- Why September, and what are you planning to do? Hunt? Fish?

Rob Pincus
November 13, 1998, 12:39 AM
Hey, Buck is a buddy of mine, he Emailed me while I was out of town about a Goose hunt in Illinoise this fall. He aired the First Celebrity Shoot I did 2 years ago on his show.. I'll try to get the scoop.