View Full Version : Anyone Hunt with a 10mmAuto?

Rob Pincus
October 9, 1998, 11:14 PM
I am planning on hunting this season for the first time with a 10mmAutomatic. I have previsouly taken deer with .44 mag revolvers.

I'd be interested in hearing what experience ithers may have had with this cartridge in the field.

October 14, 1998, 01:24 PM
Don't know if this counts, but I once was called to take care of a rabid dog that was trapped in a barn (no, I am not an Animal Control Officer - just a friend). This was a big German Sheppard, and had been a very loyal dog to my friend for many years. He had a racoon incident. This was very Old 'Yellerish, and my buddy couldn't bring himself to drop his old friend. Well, I agreed to undertake this grim task. Making a judgement for quick incapacitation Via Strausburg results... I loaded a six pack of Magsafes into the Delta Elite and went to task. We didn't have a long gun at hand (long story there). I entered the barn from the back side which comes in at the second floor, above the dogs level. I know dogs can't climb ladders. Duke was insane and raged. This was not a pretty scene - spent many a saturday with my kids over here playing with Duke... Duke was in a corner crouched and snarling, ready to leap once I came into his range. I thumbed off the safety and placed my sights on Duke's Chest and touched the trigger. When the front site came back down, Duke was on the ground, one twitch of his rear leg - and Duke was in peace. My friend didn't want the Delta Elite back - so he had me take it... I sold it, gave the money back to my buddy. Duke was great dog and his horrid end was not the way to remember him.

October 26, 1998, 10:35 PM

Take it easy on the Ole Yeller stories will ya, I'm running low on Kleenex(tm). Putting down a trusting and loyal canine friend rates as one of the hardest and most painful things a man can do in this life. I've been there too many times over the years and it still hurts to remember their knowing eyes looking into mine...

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October 29, 1998, 07:40 PM

I have no personal experience hunting with the 10mm. Chuck Taylor relates that he took a mulie at 100 yards with a 155-grain .40, so I can't see taking a deer with the 10 as being a problem, with a decent bullet and proper placement. ...No, I've never shot a dog with it.