View Full Version : Report From (not so..) Rough Creek, Texas..

Rob Pincus
October 27, 1998, 02:59 PM
WEll, I made it back. Stayed an extra day. If any of you like good food, great service, beautiful scenery, and top notch accomodations you need to spend a weekend at Rough Creek. What about hunting? Oh, yeah... best Mixed Bag hunt I've ever dreamed of going on.
The place is absolutey among the elite of bird hunting lodges on the planet.
Three of us shot about 5 quail, 12 pheasant, a few patridge and 10 chukar. We hunted for about 4 hours Sunday Morning. The rest of the time we spent indulging our desire to eat drink and be merry, especially the drinking (and the eating..although we were very merry.) The highlight of Saturday night was probably the fire walking, but now I need new shoes!
oh, well....