View Full Version : C III dealers on the web?

September 17, 2000, 07:46 PM
Anybody got a decent list of links for Class III dealers on the web? I'm looking for a transferable M-16. I can't seem to find too many.


September 17, 2000, 08:20 PM
The Bowers Board at : http://www.subguns.com/

Specifically at : http://www.subguns.com/c2c3/c2c3.htm

Also, check out the Message Boards, the NFA For Sale board.


September 18, 2000, 01:05 AM
Try www.revelationarms.com (http://www.revelationarms.com)
Roger Loock at Revelation Arms

Roger and Tom Bowers are friends, so between the two of them, they ought to be able to help.

October 2, 2000, 01:51 AM
Many 16's are out there. Only problem now is VERY high prices. Most colts nearing $10K and others with sears or trigger packs by other manuf's coming up in price quickly.

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