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August 29, 2000, 06:56 PM
Does anybody have any experience with the 9mm suppressor that Vector makes for the Uzi? Price is $499, more than half what I was told it would be to get one made by AWC.

August 30, 2000, 09:23 AM
I can't help with your specific question, but here are a couple of sites that might be of interest.

SDS makes some nice cans for Uzis, and they have video on their site : http://www.silentdeliverysystems.com/

The Gulf Coast Armory site has a MAC Resource section, with lots of data, a message board, and videos of 9mm suppressed SMG fire : http://www.gulfcoastarmory.com

And the Bowers' Board - beaucoup info : http://www.subguns.com

Have fun!


Eric Blair
August 30, 2000, 10:52 AM
Another option;

Buy a Bowers MAC type of suppressor. You can get these VERY cheap. JLM advertises them at $199.00 and often has them on sale.

Then buy a second barrel for your uzi with a 10 x 1/2 thread. RPB sell them for $85.00 plus $8, shipping and handling. *

If you are going to get a 9mm type mac, this would give you a can you can use on both guns.

* I've got a Vector Uzi and a Bowers Can. The RPB barrel arrived this week, and I'm taking them out this saturday. I'll report on how good/bad they work. If they DON'T work as I want them to, EVERYONE on the NET will know.

Eric Blair
September 18, 2000, 03:30 PM
I was able to take the kit out on 9/2. I bought two barrel's, one for me, one for a friend who also has a UZI/Bowers can.

In one pack, the barrel locking nut was warped. The other nut was fine. (Because of the threading for the Mac can, the stock locking nut will not fit, you need a nut with a larger center hole)

One barrel would fit in both guns (my friends and mine) BUT, one barrel WOULDN'T fit in his. Off, just by a tiny amount.

So, we setup one UZI and got out to take it for a ride. It fires part of a magazine fine. GREAT comes the yells. Then, sadness. The rest of the magazine was getting light primer strikes. Working with JLM and it appears that the barrel is a smidge to long. (under .01 inch) Just enough that it stops the bolt before activating the primer. Other possibility was that there was a burr of some sort in the chamber that didn't allow the round to load cleanly, thereby slowing the bolt and resulting in the same problem.

Ammo was fine, we ran through the remaining 1100 rds with the factory barrel.

I left the next day for a long vacation in England. Great trip, but I haven't been able to contact RPB concerning the barrel. I will tomorrow.

I'll let you know the results good/bad/other.


September 18, 2000, 07:08 PM
I ended up ordering the AWC MK9 last week, didn't realize when I first posted that they make an uzi-specific can.

Cost was $650 plus taxes, am waiting for my local LEO to return the paperwork so I can get started with the feds.

Am about to post in another thread here about my recent experience with a 22lr kit for the uzi, go check it out if anyone is interested.