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August 26, 2000, 06:03 AM
Anybody know what the availablility/price is for a Browning .50?? No, I'm not a terrorist; my son thinks we need one for the farm. As you can see, he's going to grow up about as politically correct as his father! Seriously, are these babies even available anywhere for under six figures?

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August 26, 2000, 08:35 AM
50s generally start between $11K and 14K. This usually ould include the mount but not always. This is the inexpensive part though. In the long run it's the feeding that gets expensive. .50BMG ammunition generally runs around $1.25 a round at the minimum. Don't forget spare barrels, firing pins and other maintenance items also.
A company called TNW sells a semi-auto version that includes a tripod, training manual, headspacing gauge, 200 links, left & right hand feed and ATF approval letter. This is advertised at $6900. TNW Inc can be reached at 503/429-5001. P.O. Box 311 Veronia OR 97064.