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August 23, 2000, 08:19 AM
You guy's have probably already seen this but..!


Press Release
From: Century International Arms
Date: August 18, 2000
Phone: 1-800-527-1252
On the day Al Gore accepted the democratic nomination for President, a legal committee at B.A.T.F. effectively banned an entire
class of previously importable firearms.

The following Century semi-auto rifles are affected and will no longer be available once inventory is depleted: SAR-1, SAR-2, SAR-3, MISR, STG-58, Centurion 58, FAL, Cetme and G3.

In addition to the above, Garand rifles and parts for Garand rifles are no longer importable. Once we are out of our inventory they will no longer be available in the United States.

CENTURY ARMS: Press Release (http://www.centuryarms.com/press_release.htm)


4V50 Gary
August 23, 2000, 09:09 PM
Bureaucrats perpetuating their positions and ensuring their retirements.

August 25, 2000, 12:21 AM
I wonder why Century doesn't press suit for restraint of trade.

George Hill
August 25, 2000, 02:44 PM
They could sue the BATF'ers on the grounds of Due Process.

I think.