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August 5, 2000, 10:43 AM
I am hoping to get word on my purchase of a class III Uzi any day now, yesterday was the 3 month aniversary of the BATF cashing my check. That said, when I get the uzi I am planning on then getting a can for it, either a 22lr or 9mm suppresor.

If I go with a 22lr suppresor I can then have my ruger 10/22 threaded to accept it, and the thought has occurred to me that it might maybe also work on a 223 rifle? They are both basicly 22 rifles in some senses, would a 22lr can work on my ar15 and mini-14?

August 5, 2000, 11:29 AM
Shortly after I got the suppressor for my AR I got a .22LR kit for it. I called AWC and inquired if I could use the .223 Suppressor with a .22LR.

Their response was that you could and it would work but not as well as a dedicated .22LR Suppressor.

Thinking critically here for a moment if that is the case I would guess a .22LR Suppressor would work even less good with a .223. (that is if tit could even be used because of bullet diam and internal suppressor design). The reason being is that the chambers are "tuned" for a specific round. My guess is that .22LR chambers would be smaller and not able to contain the gas volume of a .223 where as a .223 Suppressor has large chambers that will capture a .22LR gases but is not "tuned" for a .22LR.

I'd look into a .223 Suppressor. Being "tuned" for that round it will work perfectly on your Mini-14 and AR and very well on you 10/22.

With my .223 shooting .22LR Hyper-Vels all I hear is the sonic crack of the bullet (surpriseingly load BTW) (but as a sonic crack traverl 90 degrees from the bullet the bullet path you target doesn't hear it until the bullet mis.... passes. <G> )

And with .22LR Sub-Sonics all you hear is the hammer strike and target impact.

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August 5, 2000, 08:43 PM
I guess I'll go with the 223 can then, thanks for the advice.

Which leads me to another question, are post ban rifles allowed to be threaded for use with suppresors?

August 5, 2000, 09:04 PM
Nope. The BATF considers sound suppressors flash suppressors and threaded barrels are bad juju.