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June 26, 2000, 03:46 AM
I'm shopping around for the best all-around 9mm suppressor on the market. It would most likely be used on a Beretta 92, but I suppose I could mount it on a HK P7M8 if that route is more effective (and I can find an extended threaded barrel for it). 1) For those of you that have tried them, which suppressor is more quiet and efficient, the AWC Abraxas or the Gemtech Vortex-9?

2) It seems that the Gemtech has a slightly larger volume (.25" wider diameter and maybe slightly longer). This would seem to favor the Gemtech in sound attenuation, but could the design of the AWC be more effective?

3) The AWC is made from stainless steel while the Gemtech is aluminum. Does this make a difference (will aluminum hold up on a suppressor)?

4) How quiet are these wet? How about when shot dry? (Of course assuming I'm using subsonic ammo) I have heard suppressed .22s if there is a comparison to be drawn there.

5) Bottom line: which one should I get? Or is there an even better one than the two I mentioned?

All opinions and insight are valued and appreciated!

June 27, 2000, 10:08 PM
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June 28, 2000, 08:38 AM
This is sort of like the Ford vs Chevy debate. There is no one suppressor that is so much better than any other. There are many different variables to take into account; do you want a permanent mount or not, will this suppressor be dedicated to one sort of firearm or different types of firearms, what sort of attachment system(single point, dual point, screw-on etc) are you looking for, is physical size and/or weight a major consideration, what sort of building material do you prefer (welded baffles, coned chambers etc) and so on. Even weather can affect the quality of suppression.
The suppression field is growing exponentially. Every year sees advances not even dreamed of several years ago. As a matter of fact there is now on the market a suppressor with only one machined piece to it, no baffles, cones or steel wool.
Another thing to keep in mind is maintenance. Many suppressors are not very maintenance-friendly and quite a few owners just shoot with them until clogged then send them to a qualified 'smith to repair/replace parts, which is a grey area also.
If possible a good place to compare is Knob Creek as most all of the makers of quality suppressors are there so you can examine them and ask specific questions. The next Knob Creek Shoot is the second week of October.
The stainless steel vs aluminuim debate is one of the bigger ones going on now in suppressor cirlces. Arguments can be made either way, if you get a quality unit to start with it would be hard to choose between them but if you plan on a LOT of shooting with a suppressor then I personally would lean towards stainless though the tradeoff would be a weight penalty. As to wet vs dry, as a very general rule wet is usually quieter though there are many exceptions, again quite a lot depends upon other circumstances.
There is a newer book out on suppressors by a writer who is published regularly in SAR; Silencer History and Performance: Volume 1 Sporting and Tactical Silencers by Al Paulson. This is the first of three volumes being written on suppression. The second volume, now in draft, will cover suppressor technologies for CQB, suppressed pistol caliber carbines and cneterfire rifle suppressors. The third volume will deal with suppressor manufacturers and their products from the first suppressors of Maxim to the present day.
Sorry if I muddled the waters for you. I'm not considered anything close to an expert but I'll try and answer any questions I can though I suggest you go to a machinegun shoot/show such as Knob Creek, Hiram Maxim Shoot, SOF or the SHOT Show or the like.

June 28, 2000, 11:09 PM
Nobody fall over laughing or anything but I know nothing about this subject. So my first question is are silencers legal for private citizens to own? And lastly how much would a decent one cost?

June 29, 2000, 09:08 AM
Whether suppressors are legal depends upon which state you live in. In many states they are legal for any qualified citizen to own. If you can own a Title one firearm (rifle, shotgun etc) you can own a suppressor, given your state and/or local laws. Many of the states that allow full auto firearms also allow suppressors but not all. Also one or a couple of states (don't remember which) will allow suppressors but not full auto. Then there are the short-barrelled rifles(SBR) and short-barrelled shotguns(SBS) and destructive devices (DD). SBRs would include any rifle less than (normally) legal length. Same with SBSs. DDs are any non-sporting (whatever that is) firearm .50" or larger in diameter and explosive devices plus other sundry items not normally run across. Examples of DDs would include the Street Sweeper, Striker and Gilbert Equipment USAS 12-all 12 gauge shotguns. Also included would be hand grenades, RPGs etc.
On the price of suppressors they range starting from around $200 or so on up. You must remember though that there is a $200 tax stamp that must also be purchased prior to acquisition of your new suppressor. They are regulated pretty much the same as full auto firearms.