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March 1, 2005, 11:48 PM
I have a 93 new production sks that was built in china for comercial sales in the US. this gun was bought new. I have the front sight adjusted as far as is possible and this gun still shoots about 6 inches left at 25 yards.
Can the barrel beturned or is the barrel bent?
I believe these were about $79.00 at the time so i cant see spending money to fix it. it's too bad I spent the money on a draganov stock for it or I'd probably use it for clubbing baby seals and forget about ever shooting it.

Harry Bonar
March 2, 2005, 12:03 PM
I have found that muzzle-crown can send a round off around 2 feet by not having been properly crowned. I would inspect the muzzle and see if it looks O.K. or, bunged up.
It may be that your barrel is bent. Check the rear sight and see if it's verticle. Is the front sight verticle?
You could disassemble the rifle and look down from the muzzle through the bore - look against something you get a reflection from in the bore - if all the "circles" do not line up and appear like concentric "rings" yes, your barrel is bent.
I don't recommend it but I have on some rifles straightened the barrel. There is a gas port hole in that barrel and if you tried straightening chances asre there is where the barrel would bend!
First, take a look on that muzzle crown.
Harry B.

March 3, 2005, 10:28 AM
In addition to inspecting the muzzle crown, I would also first take a look at the front sight. On almost every Chinese SKS or MAK 90 I've ever seen...mine included...the front sight assembly was not on axis with the rear sight...it was tilted either right or left. On my guns, it was not so bad that I couldn't make up for it by moving the front sight post. On some I've seen, the errors have been so gross that it'd be impossible to correct by mere sight adjustment...it'd take a gunsmith to fix those.

I doubt that turning the barrel would be a viable option on this gun.