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June 1, 2000, 12:21 AM
I was at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) a few weeks ago, an H&K was there for a product demo, and I got to pick this one up.......

I got a woody right there!

This is the neatest weapons system I've seen ever, and the new cartridge is bad *** , with specs well into the rifle cartridge range:


"The 4.6 x 30 is also reported to be ballistically superior to the 5.7 x 28, especially at longer ranges. It has a reported muzzle velocity of 725 m/sec. (Roughly 2200 FPS)"

I would trade my left nut,my wife and kids, and all my guns for one of these.

Unfortunately, they're made of a unique material called unobtanium.

The average citizen can't get one right now......still a prototype, and the H&K rep told me only L.E. sales.....

I don't think I could get our department to foot the bill for one of these though........

Mulio Rex
June 1, 2000, 01:11 AM
I believe that http://www.hkpro.com has quite a lenghty dissertation on the new PDW, in any case its a nifty site that everyone should check out.
As far as the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) concept goes I think it was perfected sometime in the year 1911. :-)

Big Guns again
No speakee well
But plain.

June 3, 2000, 10:32 AM
Unfortunately, they're made of a unique material called unobtanium.

Yep, this nifty gun is the next in what will be a long line of next-generation weapons tech that we can't get because laws were implemented (largely unopposed) preventing civilians from moving forward in weapon tech. No new full autos, no "armor piercing" ammo, no "assault pistols", arbitrary import restrictions, etc... We're gonna be left behind folks...

June 3, 2000, 03:57 PM
You're right. We'll have hidden, rebuilt FALs while the Pretorians have 4mm rail rifles cycling at 1,200 rpm with muzzle velocities of 4,355fps.

Wich simply means a lot of Pretorians are going to get suddenly maced and their M7A2 Rail Rifles snatched by plotting partisans.

Oh. And I am no longer in the HK fan club. Haven't been for a few weeks.

June 4, 2000, 05:47 PM
That looks like an Optima 2000 sight atop the one in the first picture. At least we can still have those.

George Hill
June 6, 2000, 06:37 PM
To quote the movie TOP GUN:
"The pilots became dependant on there missles - they lost there dog fighting skills."

Let them trade up to new toys every 6 months - while me and mine practice with our 1911s and FALs. I see no improvement in the end result of the proper application of either instrament. Hence no real edge. The edge comes form the man behind the trigger... his or her skill, will-power, and determination.

"It aint the plane, its the pilot" still holds true. But my guns still hit HARDER. :D

June 6, 2000, 11:37 PM
George, I'm with you. Except my set up is a 1911 Colt and a Garand in .308. Have a 6.5 Swede named "Ole" that connects even when I yank the trigger.

Okay, I'll have to pick my engagements carefully. I'm old, I'll manage.