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March 1, 2005, 12:20 PM
When my house sells, I just MIGHT get my first full auto. I can compare "regular firearms" by looking around for the best deal. How do determine the "value" or what i should pay for a full auto. I am looking for a 1928 auto ordinance or west hurley (don't know the difference yet). I have seen them for 7,000 all the way up to 18,000. I am going to shoot this so it is not going to have be an immaculate specimin, hell I don't even care if the numbers match........Another option would be an American 180.....more economical to shoot.

March 1, 2005, 06:36 PM
A reasonable question but might I suggest you look at true Colt M16 if your price range is as described...not converted, drop in auto sear, linkage, etc. guns described as M16's but only govt. M16's....their prices are going up rapidly...so shot the snot out of it and make some money...you can always look at www.gunbroker.com to get an idea of what asking prices are actually selling for...do a google search and you will also come across GunsAmerica Gun Classifieds as well...M16 will be found in the 14-15000 dollar range and I know of at least one person who has 30 of the waiting for them to hit 30000.00 before he will sell any of them...Some might think he is goofy but I remember when these were 2-3000.00 and I thought they were overpriced thennnnnnn.....dummy me
hope that helps

March 2, 2005, 05:29 PM
I'm not too well versed on the differences and specifics of Thompsons (I know the basics), but if you can find ANY transferable Thompson under $11k, you better grab it fast. My guess is that the ones you're seeing for $7k are pre-samples - only available to dealers. Currently the going rate for an Auto-Ordnance or WH (the two least expensive types) start at about $11k-12+k. For a Savage, Bridgeport, or Colt you're looking at the $18k-30k+ range.

M16's are currently sitting at about $9.5k-11k for a non-Colt conversion. True factory Colt M16's (A1's, A2's, etc.) start at about $12k-14k and go up from there. Lightning links can be had for about $7500, while RDIAS's seem to be fetching $10.5k-11.5k. Don't expect this to last, however. Lakeside Machine is set to release their beltfed .22 upper for the M16 late this year which will almost undoubtedly push M16 prices higher, while stalling AM180 prices, if not hurting them a little.

I just sold my American 180 for this very reason. They're great fun, but the Lakeside unit will only be about $1800. Add a transferable M16 for about $10k and you've got significantly more versatility than an AM180 for only a couple thousand dollars more. And don't make the mistake everyone does of thinking an AM180 is cheap to shoot because its only 22. They burn through 22 ammo at a rate of about 27-30rds/sec. It adds up fast...very fast. I usually bought 22 ammo by the case (5000rds) which ran about $120. Each case would last me two outings with the AM180. Firing at about 28rds/sec from a 275rd drum, you can burn through more than a half a brick of 22 ammo in about 10 seconds of trigger time.