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March 1, 2005, 12:13 AM
Henry Reapeating Arms 'Big Boy' carbine in 45 Long Colt.

Anyone have experience with this gun? I'm not a cowboy action shooter, but I did think this would be the place to post a question, as that is the normal context I've seen this gun in.

I love firing my 45 Long Colt revolver at the range, and this gun looks like it would be a lot of fun to shoot. Plus I can generally find 45 LC ammo, if not cheap like 22, for not that much.

In addition, my favorite areas to deer / turkey hunt are mainly laurel and scrub, so I generally prefer to carry a 'brush gun', most of the time I'm looking at quick shots at closer ranges rather than set-up long shots. The short barrel length of this, and the 10 round capacity make it appealing.

Third, I thought this might, combined with my 45 revolver, make a good combination for home defense / possible survival use. Having a carbine and revolver using the same ammo seems to make a lot of sense, and I'm fairly familliar with the kick etc.. of the 45 LC, as well as quite confident with its overall stopping power. With a sling attached, I think it would make a great backcounty combo with the 45 revolver. I think in that capacity the carbine would make a much more useful gun overall for me than my current .308 winchester brush gun, which, given it has iron sights, and a fairly heavy kick, I've never been really thrilled with.

I'm thinking I could get the carabine, and have it and my revolver as my 'main' weapons, and put a nice scope on the .308 Winchester, making it more of a long gun.

I'm worried mainly about reliability, ease of cleaning, etc.. Anyone have one of these guns? What do you think?



April 6, 2005, 09:04 PM
here is a good reason!
Little time between shots, no more than 3 min.
Only two patches down the bore all day.
3 shot groups

Group 1 Barnes 300 MZ
45.2 5744
209-A primer