View Full Version : ar15/m16 conversion,modifications to lower?

kentucky joe
May 13, 2000, 01:29 PM
No,im not planning on performing this illegal conversion.im just trying to get enough information to end an arguement with one of those know it all poeple i work with.He says all thats required to convert a new bushmaster lower to a functional m16 is all the m16 fire control parts and bolt carrier.and all the machining thats required is to drill the autosear pin hole above the selector switch,but from my understanding you would also have to mill out some of the reciever to allow room for the autosear since the xm15 recievers are not fully milled like the m16 recievers are.i know it still wouldnt be that hard just remove a little bit of the reciever on each side,but whos right about this me or him.thanks alot:kentucky joe

May 13, 2000, 02:34 PM
You are correct. You'd need a bolt carrier, hammer, auto-sear, selector and disconnector. Then, mill and drill, but since you live in Kentucky, why risk a long stay at Club Fed when you could pruchase one legally? :)

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4V50 Gary
May 13, 2000, 10:56 PM
On the Bushmaster, I think only a bit of metal would need to be removed from one side of the receiver for a regular auto-sear or burst mechanism to work. Of course, other parts named earlier are required.