View Full Version : Remington 25-20 Center Fire Rifle

February 27, 2005, 12:19 AM
I just inherit a rifle from my cousin that her dad and my dad used when they were boys as well as their brothers and sisters.

I figure it belong to our grandfather and he just handed it down as the oldest was old enough to take possistion of it and was passed on as others got older until it ended up with the youngest of of 13 aunts and uncles.

I wrote the Remington Firearms Co. and this is what they said about it. " Thank you for your reply. The Remington Model 12 was introduced in 1909 and was discontinued in 1936. During this time there were 832,000 of these guns manufacture. This model originally sold for around $12.65."

I would like to trace this rifle as far back as possible. The SN is AA 1284 and the patent dates are June/July 1909 & Jan 1910. From the manufactor to the store and whom bought it.

I do know this that my grandfather either bought items new, took items in trade or items was handed down to him from other family members. He would never buy used items.

Attached is a photo of it and if possible what is it worth on todays market for insurance pourposes only?