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shooter 90
February 26, 2000, 09:12 PM
Where can I post if I want to sell a MP-5??
I see places for regular firearms but nothing for autos???

Thank you

February 27, 2000, 03:22 AM
You can post that in the rifle and shotgun forum so long as all NFA rules are followed I believe.

BTW, what are you asking for it? What accessories are included?

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shooter 90
February 27, 2000, 06:44 PM
thank you I will post it there.. I want a lot.. and have a lot of accessories.


Sid Post
February 27, 2000, 07:38 PM
Tom Bower's board at www.subguns.com (http://www.subguns.com) is very active in the Class 3 world. A lot of high end stuff sells there.