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February 16, 2000, 09:16 PM
What's yours? Mine would probably be, as my name denotes, the HKMP5SD6. Damn.......that gun rocks......My second choice would be a Barrett .50BMG "Light Fifty". Now THAT brings new meaning to the word overkill.........

"hey where'd the deer go"?

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February 16, 2000, 09:31 PM
Being the "Full Auto" forum...
I'm currently drooling over the FN P90. Seems someone went back to square one, checked the requirements, ignored the "but ya gotta do it this way" urge, and created a new gun that's very effective (well, we'll see when field results come back), compact, usable and generally slick.

But since you mention "rifle"...
Ditto on the Barrett .50BMG. I'll settle for an Armalite AR-50. Why? Mostly because some very powerful people think citizens shouldn't have them...and history shows where that leads.

George Hill
February 17, 2000, 03:54 AM

February 17, 2000, 09:42 AM
an ump in 5.56 with the old g3/hk51 telescopic stock (not the mp5 telescopic)
as for rifles, either a remington 700 in 300wm, or a dragunov..
the .50 is too heavy to drag around with ammo for extended periods of time if you're gonna stay out for more than a couple of days...

February 17, 2000, 02:29 PM
HK PDW in .357sig with a compensator.
Stechkin as back-up.
Paratrooper Galil for rifle.

February 18, 2000, 03:06 AM
They have a P90 selling for about $1100 last time I checked at

I'm thinking of the P90 as my dream subgun, but it fires the damnable 5.7x21mm rounds, which could be hard to get. Thus, I'd have to say I like the MP5SD5 as the best subgun. G11 or G36 as the best rifle.

February 18, 2000, 08:26 PM
I have a thing for full auto TEC-9's and MAC-10's. Unfortunately I live in California.

John Hollister
February 19, 2000, 12:36 AM
Colt "Commando" M16.

11.5 barrel, Phantom Flash Suppressor, A1 Upper, Ashley Outdoors "Same Plane" rear sight, Surefire light and Giles Sling.

John Hollister

February 19, 2000, 01:39 AM
George took the words right outa' my mouth....M2!! :D
I have had the pleasure of shooting many different full-autos. I like 'em ALL, but IMO, you just can't beat a proven and RELIABLE belt-fed.
Ever since the first belt went through my A4, I have become hopelessly addicted, and I have this uncontrolable urge to have bigger and badder belt-feds. ;)
I saw an ad while ago for Mini-gun recievers and parts, and started drooling. Whatabout a 20mm Vulcan? NO, Wait, a 30mm Vulcan, YEAH, THAT'S IT!! Whatabout a.....NNaaahhhh, oh well. :confused:

We ARE the Militia!

February 19, 2000, 10:40 AM
if you want something big, how about a GAU-8 :)

February 19, 2000, 07:10 PM
A multi-barrel particle accelerator cannon....well you said DREAM subgun...

For real, I'd like an MP-5SD Vollmer conversion .45ACP....

Al Thompson
February 22, 2000, 08:45 PM
I've found over the years that things that look cool don't always shoot cool.

That being said, my ideal subgun would be the MP5 in 10mm. I think H&K calls it the MP10.... Saw one that a local PD has and was very impressed.

Dollars aside, a AR-10 Flattop with a supressor seems to be the best bet. Had the Ar-10 hated the mag cost and the muzzle brake. Have a DSA on order.

I like the AR series and have a lot of fun with my Car-15 parts gun, but don't care for the .223 round. I guess I'm just used to the controls as I carried a gov issue for years.

Heavy stuff - the M2 is the Granddaddy. All of the ones I had in my arms room were older that anybody in the Battalion and had so many ANAD stamps, that the last rebuild dates were almost unreadable. Over 20 months of range time and very few jams. (being in Europe helped - had some problems with dust in the desert)

The Mk19 is another a$$ buster for folks on the wrong end. Nothing like a 40mm GL with a 2K range.


February 23, 2000, 09:55 AM
Rifle: PSG-1, gotta love it..
SMG: H&K MP10, possibly SD...
Assault rifle.. gimme my G3A3...
and for support.. ma deuce...

February 25, 2000, 01:33 AM
well i would have to say and MP5K-PDW, small AND accurate, with a silencer, scope, and hell a laser sight for good measure. Maybe a trimag but that would be too heavy. as for rifle i would go with a Barret light .50 just cuz its give and con practicly blow s**t up.....hey do they make explosive tip .50 BMG rounds???....well do they?

February 25, 2000, 11:57 AM
well, as for "explosive" rounds, you have the norwegian multi-purpose round...
(pentrite, phosfor, and a tungsten(?) penetrator inside)

fun through a macmillan or light fifty :)

4V50 Gary
February 25, 2000, 05:28 PM
MP5 in 40 S&W or 10mm for a subgun.

I'd take the Barrett M82 or a McMillan bolt gun in .50 for the rifle.

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

Tony III
February 26, 2000, 11:13 AM
My Dream Gun......


The supressor would extend forward maybe 4" & would wrap back over the barrel for expanded voulme. Not real effective but it would be compact & would elliminate muzzel flash & maybe reduce the sound to less than deafening levels. It would be field reversable for right or left hand ejection. The combiniation forward grip / Tac-light, would pivot forward, would have a quick detach & and could be replaced with a bipod. There would also be interchangeable butstocks for a custom fit. It would have a crisp, short trigger pull; breaking cleanly at 4 lbs. And Oh yea! it would shoot 1/2 MOA, weigh 5.5 lbs. as pictured & would cost $299.95 minus the federal tax rebate on the purchase of any firearm. :)

January 6, 2007, 07:34 PM
I've had this thought, while an H&K MP5SD6 would be great fun, that a guy could take and H&K53, Re-chamber in .300 Whisper, fit it with a Sure-fire scout light, a sound suppressor, and an EOTech oh and a telescoping stock. That should be great fun.:D

January 6, 2007, 08:23 PM
How about a TAR-21 (Tavor)? http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/small_arms/tavor/Tavor.html
I wonder if it would ever be possible to legally get one of those here in the states...?


January 6, 2007, 10:20 PM
I would have no use for owning a full auto gun. I can shoot a full auto anytime I want so therefore there's no reason for me to own one. However, I would love to own that crazy looking Serbu shorty shotgun. Looks painful to shoot with 3" loads, but would probly still be cool to own and keep for HD use.

January 6, 2007, 11:00 PM

20mm Semi automatic rocket launcher, backed up by the 5.56mm assualt rifle. Laser range guided rockets. Yummy.

January 7, 2007, 01:24 AM
Dream subgun? Full auto 10/22. I need something I can afford to shoot :D .

As for a rifle? It's hard to say. PSG-1 would do.

January 7, 2007, 04:00 AM
The submachine gun of my dreams? Well, only one will do it for me...

and that's known as Gun, Submachine, M1928A1...

also known as the Chicago Typewriter, properly known as the Thompson Submachine Gun.

Go ahead, pick one up. Feel the weight. 11 pounds of blued American steel, with that gorgeous compensator. Stock and forearm made from good walnut, mostly good figure, even for mass produced stocks. Add the Lyman adjustable sight, and a 30 round blued steel stick mag, and you're good to go.

Lock the bolt to the rear. Insert a 30 round stick, slap it upward to seat it. Now, bring the weapon to your shoulder and sight in. Pull the trigger firmly to the rear--yeah, baby! Feel the weapon vibrate as 230 grain ball ammunition goes to point of aim, 25 yards away, at 750 to 800 rounds per minute.

No muzzle climb. No excessive recoil. Just lots of caliber .45 Automatic Colt Pistol holes in the target. OH, YEAH!!!!:D :D :D

My dream rifle? I'll take a Nesika Bay or Stolle Swindlehurst action, with a Kreiger 30 inch medium contour barrel, chambered in 6.5-06 Improved. Bed it and float it in a McMillan A4 stock, with a Jewell trigger. Mount a NightForce 12-42x56 scope on it with the NP2 reticle--or maybe even a Leupold 45x fixed.

Excuse me, I have to go drool now. :D

January 9, 2007, 10:56 PM
Machine Gun - M242 25mm Chaingun

Rifle - AK-47

Subgun - MP5K

Pistol - Beretta 93

January 9, 2007, 11:06 PM
Well, I have my dream rifle that I CAN own... My PS90...

Only way it could be better would be to own the full auto version :D


January 10, 2007, 10:58 PM
I always thought it'd be cool to own a Steyr AUG. That, or a Model 1928 Thompson.

January 12, 2007, 08:54 AM
Subgun? I'm going to have to go with the crowd and wish for a full auto P90. I know that one can buy semis these days, but thats just not the same. Also, the 16in barrel just looks silly on that gun. The only problem would be ammo. I guess if i could wish a P90 into existence, I could also wish several cases of ammo into existence. I don't know what I'd do the next day though...

Rifles depend on if I can find someone to give me free ammo. If so, then a Browning 1919, because (I know that I'm stealing someone's sig line) happiness is a warm belt fed. If no free ammo a M-16 just because of the number of uppers available.

To be a stickler, it's a MP-5/10, not a MP-10

January 12, 2007, 06:48 PM
H&K MP5SD3, a full auto Styer AUG, H&K PSG1, Sig 210, and a 14" barreled Benelli M1S90!

January 12, 2007, 07:20 PM
HK417 with a 16" barrel :cool:

January 21, 2007, 10:51 PM
Well it's not a sub but a M249 would do me just fine...

January 21, 2007, 11:03 PM
BAR(the original kind)

C Philip
January 25, 2007, 05:53 PM
For a dream submachine gun, assuming I could get the real SS-190 ammo, I'd take the P-90. Otherwise it'd be a MP5-K for me. As for a machine gun, I really like the MG-42, and since it uses 8mm Mauser ammo prices wouldn't be too bad.

January 25, 2007, 07:26 PM
Wow! I think as far as a subgun, I would like the h&k UMP or h&k mp5k. As far as a rifle I would like a 20mm with about 500 rounds or a m-14, full auto with a 3rd generation night vision scope.

January 31, 2007, 02:02 AM
ack...opinion based on experience on the range: full auto m14 is good for two things:

wasting ammo

killing the hell out of divers in the water (you should see all those little splashes...no doubt in my mind that if anyone had been on the surface where we were shooting that he'd be a dead man)

ok, it's also fun. :P

edit: i say "wasting ammo" because unless you practice with it a lot, that's all you're going to end up doing...The weapon's a bit light for the recoil of automatic 7.62x51. maybe it's not so bad with one of those heavier tactical stocks (with all the rails for accessories on it), or if you've got the original stock with the pistol grip, folding forward grip, and recoil compensator...

January 31, 2007, 10:35 AM
well if santa clause was going to bring me one...a M1918A2 BAR , if a subgun
a Colt M1928 Thompson Submachinegun:D

February 14, 2007, 01:24 AM
m249 saw

February 14, 2007, 08:32 AM
Mini Gun!!!!!!

February 14, 2007, 11:41 AM
an mp10 for a subgun, and a m240, wait, make that a mk48, or maybe an hk417, or a g3

can I just skip the semantics and call it a dream collection?

February 20, 2007, 09:28 PM
nothing fancy, just a factory mp5/10 with kac can

February 20, 2007, 09:37 PM
Subgun = UZI.....:D

Rifle = Barrett me...:cool:

February 20, 2007, 10:01 PM
I want an H&K mp7 with a can and a ton (literal) of ammo and spare parts. As for a rifle and FN2000 would be quite nice. :D

February 24, 2007, 10:19 PM
If I could get any rifle that I know I will never own it would be a BAR. And I like the UMP 45acp for a sub-gun.

February 24, 2007, 10:45 PM


February 25, 2007, 02:14 PM
XM8 lightweight modular assult rifle


Or the H&K MP5/10 (10mm MP5)

February 25, 2007, 11:40 PM
Any ... at 1980 prices!

February 26, 2007, 09:04 PM
Lemme have an M1A1 Thompson, and a whole bunch of ammo, a BAR would be lots of fun too....