View Full Version : Experience with Short Barrel Rifles?

Sid Post
February 20, 2000, 10:11 PM
I was wondering just how effective a SBR is?

Krink's Shorty AK-47's seem to be getting popular, the HK-53 has been around and proven and, now shorty 308Win seem to be getting popular.

What sort of performance will you get when these rounds are shot out of a 10inch (give or take) barrel?

I can see a 7.62x39 perhaps working out pretty well because of lower operating pressures to begin with but, with a 223 and 308 it seems like muzzle blast and flash would be extreme and there wouldn't be enough burn time to get the projectile upto a descent speed for good terminal effect. Can the bad effect of such a short barrel be offset somewhat by using different powders to control muzzle flash (burn times) which might help the muzzle blast and velocity?