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February 22, 2005, 10:07 PM
What if any type of blinds do you use.......

On my land my son and I built a dandy ground blind from logs last year. We made it a lot like a mini log cabin. For the roof we used a camo tarp pulled upward with a 4" 2x2 and a wire to make a pitch so rain and snow wouldn't stay on it. We had darn near as good of a time making it as we did hunting in it.

We built a 8' Tall tower 3 years ago in the center of the 20 acres. It was built from an old redwood fence and a bunch of other odds and ends. It is a real solid blind. We call it the bear tower (neighbor had luck on a Blackie last season)

This spring we will put up #3 and it too a 8' tower type. I found a good old pickup truck topper that will make up the roof section. I will use treated 4x4's for the legs on this one. It will be the biggest of all 3 blinds. My rough plans are for a 6"2" x 5' 1" main cabin size. Just right for my son and I to sit through some cold wintery days and watch nature.

I have a little Outhouse Pop up that we like to use for turkey hunts down state too....

Well, fire away and tell us what you like to hunt from.... Thanks

February 23, 2005, 10:12 AM
I like to use the silo on the back of an old barn on my in-laws farm near Rose City. 280yds to the fence. Killed many a whitetail from that spot. My bro-in-law and i built an "shootin' house" that's 10' high overlooking a creek bottom and natural funnel between two farms. Very comfy. 8'x8'x8'.

BUT, i'd rather walk,stalk and spot whenever i can. Sitting in blinds makes me restless and bored sometimes. Especially those mid-season rifle hunts when you sit for hours and hours and see nothing...uuugghh :barf: ....gotta get out and move 'em around a bit :rolleyes:

February 23, 2005, 10:27 AM
My girlfriend's father got an older Circa 70's camper and we brought it out in the woods and painted it green and sealed it up and use that for our blind. :p Most of the time we will stalk or I will sit on the ground and he will drive the deer. He has a few treestands but it gets WAY too cold up in them. I'm more of a ground person anyways I like knowing what is around me and his enclosed treestands do not make it easy to hear and then the squirrels like to drop acorns on the tub top so it gets really loud.

February 23, 2005, 03:49 PM
I hunt outdoors, nothing above or between me and Mother Nature.

February 23, 2005, 08:46 PM
I gave up on enclosed blinds several years ago. Too boring, too predictable, too unsightly, too confining, too mundane. But more people in this area hunt from them than not. We even have a few spectacular variations.

Close friend of the family built one on 6 used telephone poles. 16 ft off the ground. 10 x 20ft. Has electricity, heat, a poker table, fridge, office type chairs, very posh. Several of the "old coot" hunters sit in there, play cards and every once in a while shoot a deer. (They could shoot all the deer they could ever want from it...good country)

I use tripods or just sit in the brush if I'm not up and moving.


February 24, 2005, 04:29 PM
yep..... I hear ya...... I like to hear what is coming and going too..... I always open all the windows and door......... but my young son gets cold or wants to move a little too much....as he gets older I think he will settle down a little. Thanks for the replies folks :)

February 25, 2005, 09:54 AM
Last summer we built a deerstand out of scrap lumber we scrounged at construction sites around town. Until then, all of our stands were 4'X4' and didn't give much room. This time we made it 6' X 4' and found that we had plenty of room to stretch out and relax. The only mistake we found was that we should've made it the full 8' long since we really didn't save any money by making it 6' long. I still plan on putting a cabinet in it to keep essentials such as deer weighing stuff and reading materials as well as super essentials such as an e-tool and toilet paper for those mornings when there's been too much coffee drank and you don't want to walk 1/2 mile to the outhouse.

I carpeted the insided with some floor mats from home-depot and then put a thrift-store office chair in it that swivels. We're in the process of really turning it into a mini-cabin on stilts. I am installing a solar panel to charge a marine deep-cycling battery that will power our red spotlights for hog hunting. Hogs hit the area in the evening to grub on feeder corn and root around and so the deerstand has become a year-round hog killing stand. I'm trying to figure out how to install a floor-switch to the spotlights so that one can have both hands on the shotgun when the hogs come and still turn on the lights.

This year, we're constructing another stand except it will be 4' X 8' and we'll be able to put a folding cot in there so that we can sleep there through the night and wait for hogs. I'd be interested in other ideas folks have had. I will try to get pictures this weekend of what we have.

February 28, 2005, 09:48 PM
i think i wanna build an elevated platform between three or four trees in a bluff on some of our land where theres always nice big deer. i want to use plywood for sides and with 1X6 boards above that with a space for rifles and then id use camo pattern burlap to hag above and conceal any movement within. what do you guys think of that idea im open to any suggestions or criticism.

March 4, 2005, 07:36 PM
:D Sounds good to me....... I like the dark smoked plexi glass rather than burlap but economics are factor. I have found what ever makes the builder feel good and work........that is all important. I like to use carpet on walls and inside roof too. It helps make it warmer inside and dulls the sounds that might otherwise spook the game off. I like it as dark inside as I can paint or otherwise make it...... almost unseen to the outside world... helps for watching and photographing too.....

March 26, 2005, 12:21 AM
i think that ill proceed with the plans for that blind unless i get too busy with school and work because i ship off to college in the fall

March 26, 2005, 10:18 AM
oops, wrong place...

March 27, 2005, 08:29 AM
I've got a 1,000 acres of farm to hunt next to my house, but that's not "fun". So we hunt national forest, 500 miles away. With that, we have to stay mobile. I use an Outhouse pop-up blind and sit on a bucket.

March 27, 2005, 01:30 PM
I also use a pop up blind. It is the dog house blind.