View Full Version : Glock 18 Badger anyone?

December 15, 1999, 03:46 PM
Here's a little package proposal for the operator with limmited space and the need to conceal. I call it the "Badger".
Take one good old Glock 18. Add stiffer recoil spring and a steel guide rod.
Replace stock barrel with new barrel 3" longer and have it Magna ported.
Add Glockstock.
Add tac light(possibly UV if you happed
to have UV goggles)
Use with +p low grain cartridges.
Now you have a little something you can carry in a shoulder rig, Glockstock carried in another device about your person. You can ride a bus, walk down the street, whatever, to your objective without attracting too much attention.

December 15, 1999, 10:38 PM
How about the select-fire backplates and a Glock model 24 with compensator?
How controlable would this be? Anyone.
What advantages would this have over a HK PDW?

4V50 Gary
December 15, 1999, 11:25 PM
Never fired a full auto handgun, so I can't say.

However, I have experience with the HK PDW and with it's Choate folding stock and special holster which unfolds the stock while you deploy it, it's a pretty tough gun to beat. The PDW is horrid without the stock but with it, a charm to shoot. Very controllable with burst fire (which is all you'd want anyway) onto your target.

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David Hineline
December 23, 1999, 02:36 AM
By the time you get your Glock out of it's shoulder holster and fix the stock to it. I will already have my UZI deployed and on target. You can easily conceal a larger weapon than a Glock in a shoulder rig. Glock 18 would come into play for an IWB type of carry.



December 26, 1999, 11:57 PM
If you have a Media Player, surf over to www.fullautoglock.com. (http://www.fullautoglock.com.) There is an impressive video of a guy blasting out a 33 round mag. from a conversion unit. Very little noticable muzzle rise.

December 27, 1999, 12:22 PM
It's not for a fastdraw at high noon. It's for traveling to an objective in an urban environment un-noticed with an automatic weapon. Yeah, one could get a PDW. But it is heavier and bulkier, easier to detect.
Love the idea of an UZI in a shoulder rig.

Glenn E. Meyer
December 27, 1999, 03:21 PM
Aren't most tac lights for night work IR with IR goggles?

Also putting on the goggles might give you

Is this for real or just a fantasy exercise?

If you have this pup, don't you have to be
an LEO as there are no civilian ownable ones in the country?

Also, if you are a civilian what is your
defensive scenario that wouldn't better be
handled by a handgun alone? Like a model

If you were an LEO, there are easier SMGs
out there.

As a civilian if you hose someone in bus
at full auto, you'd better be ultratrained
to control that thing as if you miss - you
are going to have very interesting showers for the next few years.

Gee - I'm a wet blanket.

December 27, 1999, 07:07 PM
A UV light with UV goggles is an active system. IR goggles are a passive system.
No, I wasn't advocating wearing UV goggles down the street.
No, the package isn't set up for use on a bus but to be transportable via bus.
No, it isn't for Joe Public, hence it's being mentioned under FullAuto.
No, it isn't for self defence or daily use, and I'd like to know what select-fire weapon is.
It is intended to function somewhat like a much more compact PDW.

Glenn E. Meyer
December 28, 1999, 03:18 PM

IR flashlights at above.

December 30, 1999, 04:15 AM
Sounds like fantasy island. I've spent some real quality time with the G18. I'll take it totally stock and use it for what it was designed for. If you are looking for a small concealable subgun and want to hang a bunch of accs. on it I will take a Mini or Micro Uzi for size, and an MP-5 or Colt SMG for shootability, personally I'd rather have the G18 and my AUG for a do everything twosome.

George Hill
December 31, 1999, 04:34 AM
I can see the applications.
If your wanting to approach a target unnoticed... This sounds good. You can get to the OBJ rally point take a few seconds to get ready and then kick your way in.

Remember the movie The Fugitive?
The US MARSHALS dressed as whinos and bums and other things... then busted out the hardware when they got close.

This is an example of many possible senarios that probably unfold every day in other countries.
I like the idea. It has merit if you need to be very concealed and yet need a heavy hitter.
Think of this as a Glock version VP70M - but better.
UZI is cool - but you cant carry it in an IWB rig with the stock down the other pant leg or up a sleeve.

This could be a better option for those who would opt for the Berretta machine pistol - as a Glock is smaller than the Beretta 92.

Dont accuse cdf of fantasy - You dont know him like I do. He moves in different circles than most folks. He bounced this idea off me a little while before he posted here. It was solid for the application.

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud

Glenn E. Meyer
December 31, 1999, 01:01 PM
Sorry for the fantasy crack. :(

However, I'm interested in the UV application.
I scouted around and didn't find UV night vision stuff in general use. Even talked to
a VP of a night vision place and some tac

January 3, 2000, 06:28 PM
If cdf is in fact a real world operator, may I suggest a back pack. I have done several operations and have used both back packs and briefcases with MP5-k's. I found that trying to carry all the assorted junk that cdf is talking about on my person is a royal pain, and it prints real bad in any sort of normal clothes. Discretion is the key to these type of ops. I would love to have a personal G18, but I would no clutter it up. In a small package I have found that my real favorite has been the mini uzi and micro uzi. The Glock is great in a low profile carry rig that is very discreet, and it is very good for breaking contact, or rapid CQB use.

January 3, 2000, 11:20 PM
I'm certainly no expert, but as someone with a serious jones for the G18 here is my take on it's use. I think it would make a great daily carry/duty weapon. It is the same size/shape at the G17 and selectfire. The gun would be used just as a regular pistol would be, but if the big SHTF big you would have the option of fullauto. Lay down a burst of suppresive fire and get the hell out of Dodge. ;)