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Byron Quick
December 11, 1998, 10:04 PM
If one acquires a full auto 9mm Uzi... are there conversion kits for .45 ACP available for full auto also? If so, does this entail another transfer tax? Also, are these kits drop-ins or do they require gunsmithing modifications?

December 20, 1998, 06:51 PM
The select fire conversion kits consist of barrel, bolt assy and magazine(s). They are specific for operating in the selective fire mode. If you have a NFA registered UZI (or LE/Military cert'n.) then you can get these and install them. Most dealers are very wary of selling the select-fire components without paper. I've seen them periodically in SGN ads, or you might contact Botach Tactical Law Enforcement/Military Supply. Website is:

Rob Pincus
December 20, 1998, 06:57 PM
The Botach site makes me cry. It reminds me what Class III weapons Should cost, without the '86 restrictions..... uhg.


December 20, 1998, 07:35 PM
Depends upon your type of Uzi. If you have a registered receiver gun, you can easily drop in a new bolt and bbl setup & you're off to the races. If you have a registered bolt gun, then you're can't easily change calibers. You would need to find another registered bolt in the caliber that you want to shoot. This would require another $200 tax as the bolt, not the receiver, would be the registered item.

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Byron Quick
December 25, 1998, 09:17 AM
Checked my paper against my Uzi and my bolt. The only number on my BATF paper is the serial number on the receiver. Am I correct in assuming I have a registered receiver and not a register bolt? The conversion kits only function in full auto and not selective fire? Also, the .45 ACP...I have been told that the largest magazines ever manufactured for these were 16 rd.?

December 25, 1998, 11:45 PM
Well... maybe. Chances are good that you have a RR gun. Take the existing bolt out of the gun -- does it have a serial number anywhere on it? If not, the gun is the registered item, not the bolt. If so, perhaps the bolt is the registered item if the serial numbers are the same.

I'm not really an Uzi RKI, other than to know there are RR guns and bolt guns. I'd guess the paperwork would say something about the bolt being the registered part if that was the case.

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David Hineline
December 23, 1999, 02:56 AM
If you have a registered receiver UZI the s/n on the transfer form should relect the original serial number given to the firearm by IMI/Group Ind. or whoever the manuf. was. This should also have the blocking bar removed from the receiver so that military bolts will drop right in.

Don't forget the 41AE this cartridge makes the ballistics of the 45ACP into a girl's gun. Only a barrel and magazine change is required here.

Also for 45 conversions a M-10 45 mag housing can be welded onto the UZI SMG lower so that the UZI can accept 30rnd grease gun magazines.


4V50 Gary
December 23, 1999, 01:20 PM
You'd want to check out Vector Arms when their website is up and running again. They've got a lot of things, including conversion kits, to keep your Uzi up and running.

The site was running until today, so please be patient.

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