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December 6, 1999, 08:05 PM
i wish to purchase a couple of select fire smg's and assault rifles, however i am not sure how old i have to be to get a license to own them. i am 18, never been arrested or in a mental institution. so how old do i have to be, one is a full size rifle however the other one would be classified as a pistol. and both are selectfire. all help would be appreciated :o)

December 6, 1999, 11:05 PM
beats the piss out of me.

Let's start, where do you live? Check the web for laws.

December 6, 1999, 11:39 PM
21 on all class 3 weapons

December 7, 1999, 12:15 PM
I would add that you'll also need a tidy sum to acquire each weapon (plus the $200 tax per weapon) then the big money starts flowing (out of your wallet) when you want to feed them! It's amazing how quick magazines empty while in FA. :)

December 7, 1999, 04:22 PM
damn, thanks for the info though.

4V50 Gary
December 7, 1999, 05:19 PM
Look at it this way, you've got three years to set aside money for the gun of your choice.

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

December 8, 1999, 02:10 AM
"Get rid of that Nickel Plated Sissy Pistol, get yourself a Glock" Tommy Lee Jones

December 9, 1999, 04:33 PM
Hey, the best thing to do now is buy magazines for what ever weapon your going to own. Imagine what the prices are going to be like three years from now on all pre-ban magazines.

4V50 Gary
December 9, 1999, 09:27 PM
I'd use to do that as a kid. Buy the holster, buy the bullet moulds, buy the loading dies. After that, it made perfect sense to buy the gun.

Actually, it's a valid point with the market the way it is today. Before 1994, magazines were so affordable but today...

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

December 10, 1999, 01:25 AM
well when i get a class 3 license im gonna get a m4a1, select fire ak in 762x39 *not sure which model yet, and possibly a select fire 9mm or 45 smg *not sure which yet either*. In the meantime i guess i will have to settle for my 870 shotgun and im gonna get a semi auto ak type rifle *im a lil bit paranoid and a lil bit logical, i dont fully trust countries with nuclear weapons and 2 billion people*

4V50 Gary
December 10, 1999, 01:48 AM
Don't worry about foreign nations trying to invade or sending their missles at us. One rifle won't do squat if they send a missle or start blasting at you with a tank or howitzers (that's how the Brits eliminated snipers in WWII). Worry about the folks in the White House first. Now that you're 18, the first step in joining the fight is to register to vote and get those scallywags out of office.

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

December 10, 1999, 02:05 AM
eh, i disagree, one singular bullet can be the difference between life and death. I will problably catch some crap about this but it is in my belief that in this world hatered only grows and you cant expect the world to live in peace. eventually we will destroy ourselves with hatered but until then we will fight each other tooth and nail for no apparent reason. our science has evolved faster then we have, that means that we are still easilly persuaded towards fighting and squables, and in this age of weapons of mass destruction it is only a matter of time before someone says or does something wrong and someone with a missle gets pissed and pushes a button. if im alive when that happens, might as well be prepared ya know. oh yeah did i mention im a little paranoid, mwahahahaha, but at least its logical paranoia, it all seems to be based on human nature. my paranoia in no way affects my normal day to day life though, im not totally insane, whatever happens happens, no sweat off my balls, hehehe. :o)

December 12, 1999, 11:45 AM
Hey Spyder, I'm not sure what state you're from but gettin' a Class 3 may be harder than getting a man-hating lesbian to sleep with you.

I'm from Taxachusetts and in order to get a Class 3 here you must be either:
1. a certified Law-Enforcement Firearm instructor.
2. a bonafide collector of fully-automatic firearms (must provide proof to collect, you know$$$$$$$$$$$)
3. Must have the ends to get the license. I think it's a few hundred.

Also.... The gun must be stored in 2 safes. The reciever in one and the upper in the other. It must be stored disassembled. An ATF agent will make an unannounced yearly visit to you in order to ensure that. Ask him to bring you coffee if he makes a "6 in the mornin'" visit to you.

Good luck and let me know how it works out.

"Get rid of that Nickel Plated Sissy Pistol and get yourself a Glock" Tommy Lee Jones

December 15, 1999, 09:46 AM
I can't comment on what happens in MA from the local perspective, but ATF does not, as a general rule, inspect the end-users. If you are a dealer, you *may* get a once a year compliance inspection. Collectors do not get compliance inspections. If ATF comes a calling, you have other problems.

For the initial poster, I'd suggest you start buying your class III items NOW. The prices are going to continue to escalate, but more importantly, the supply is drying up. I'm not sure where the age 21 thing is listed in the rule book, but I do remember hearing that in the past. You could, however, purchase the items NOW and have the gun delivered to the dealer of your choice and have him sit on them until you are 21. Of course you'd have to trust him. And you'd have to have the cash. Or have a family member purchase the guns for you and transfer them to you when you're 21. It wouldn't be a strawman, since he/she would actually buy the guns for him/herself. Of course they could not be "loaned" to you -- the person would have to be with you when you when shooting.

Shoot, I wish I started collecting when I was 18 (or even 21).

danbrew :->