View Full Version : Restoring rear grasping grooves on Colt & Springfields

Harry Bonar
February 16, 2005, 02:27 PM
Dear Shooters:
Use the same fixture as on; Cutting grasping Grooves and Instructions.

Mount slide as specified in Cutting Grasping Grooves and set head angle at 35 degrees. (you're cutting towards FRONT of slide again) from the rear towards the front. Use sharp carbide 3/8" cutter. Make sure your vise angle matched serrations. Locate cutter IN REARMOST SERRATION ACCURATELY so that the rear of cutter contacts the rear of the first serration.
After you are "touched down" go maybe .005 to .010 down (if serrations are damaged badly) and re-cut first serration. The SPACING IS .066"! This duplicates factory serrations; if you do want to check though just get your spacing and make a "dry run" through your serrations - this works great for me.
Sometimes factory serrations get bunged and while this lowers them slightly it will clean up a mess!
Hope I've been clear, if not post and I'll get back to you> :) :) Harry B.