View Full Version : Where can I get a H&K MP5???

October 4, 1999, 06:35 PM
I am looking for a H&K MP5 but they are really hard to find. I am looking for a semi auto version.

What is a resonable price for a H&K MP5?

Where can I get a H&K MP5 at a resonable price?

Daren Thompson
October 4, 1999, 07:46 PM
I have a friend who just bought one and he paid $10,000 for it. At my local gun store Saturday I saw the semi version HK94? for $4,100. E-mail me if you are interested in the semi. I held the gun and to the best of my knowledge it was in like new.


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October 10, 1999, 10:44 PM
You might want to check out subguns.com or unsuave.com/~HKPRO. They've got classified boards and people sometimes sell MP5 sear guns minus the sear. If you can't find one you could purchase an HK94 and have it converted to and MP5. There are a number of people who could do this but I'd recommend Terry Dyer (309)4733377. Keep in mind that either way you'll still have to get a tax stamp since you'll have an SBR. Another route would be to purchase a full auto MP5 and then sell the sear. If you decide to do this Scott Bell in OK, FJVollmer, and the Firing Lane in GA currently have MP5's in stock. I just purchased an MP5A3 from the Firing Lane and the weapon is very nice. Right now sear guns are about $6500-$7500 for MP5A2/3/4/5/N, MP5K's and MP5K-PDW's. The SD models range anywhere from $8500-$12000. Sometimes you can find a registered receiver gun but they usually run about $1000 more than a comperable sear gun. I don't know much about semi-auto MP5's but I figure they'd be around $4500.

October 10, 1999, 10:47 PM
There's also a few MP5's listed for sale at gunsamerica.com