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October 4, 1999, 11:54 AM
Have a question. Hoping someone can answer it or steer me to some one who can. Thanks in Advance;

Many years ago (a decade or more), I owned an AR15 and considerd the idea of legally convering it over to full auto select fire. This was back before the ones on the Class III were grandfathered and you could still go thru the steps whereby you filled out the forms, paid the taxes, got approval and then converted an AR15 to what would otherwise be an M16. I had bought all of the necessary parts in a kit that included the drilling templet and instructions. Well the kit sat in a box and I got rid of my AR in favor of a Mini-14 because of reliability. A co-worker who is also a licensed FFL dealer told me that if I found a pre-ban (pre 86, I think) AR, that I could still go thru the steps and get it legally converted. Thats not what I wish to do and personally I think he is wrong. I think when the ones already on the books were grandfathered, that was it. My question is really; What is the status of the M16 parts kits that I still have. Can I sell it. Is it now a kit of controlled items, etc. Since I don't currently own any AR15 variants, I am not worried about the ATF claiming I have a full auto gun just because I also have a parts kit. Since I have no intention of using this kit, I would like to sell it, but want to make sure I stay within the law. Tried calling the local ATF, but the first thing they asked for was my name, which I wouldn't give them, and then they told me that they WOULD not answer my question because I was using caller ID block. It was a woman with a snotty attitude. Haven't tried calling Atlanta or DC yet. Any answers or suggestions. BTW, I will not seriously entertain any thoughts of sending the kit free to any one who says they will help me out by taking it off my hands so that I won't run afoul(sp) of the law :) :)


October 4, 1999, 01:34 PM
My understanding is that the parts by themselves are ok, but the parts and an AR-15 are not ok. The receiver must be drilled to accept the auto sear, and an AR-15 receiver so modified is a class 3 weapon. You could use the parts and a DIAS, but the DIAS is also a class 3 weapon.

Your friend was indeed wrong. No new class 3 weapons (except for dealer samples, etc.) can be made after 1986, even if it is a pre '86 gun that will be converted.

Daren Thompson
October 4, 1999, 07:55 PM
One thing I noticed is you said you "had all of the necessary parts" does this mean you have an auto-sear? If you have an auto-sear you may have a problem, as an auto-sear made after November 1981 is a "machine gun" in itself as I understand it. Others may know more. Yes your friend is wrong no more machine guns can be legally entered into the civilain registry :( That is why you pay the high prices for the fully transferable guns :(

Hope this helps


October 8, 1999, 09:32 AM

A post '81 auto sear is not a machine-gun, and are available (ex. from Tapco). A DIAS (drop-in auto sear),

A pre '81 DIAS (such as those advertised in Shotgun news) may legally be posessed (and is not a class 3 item), if an AR-15 is not posessed. A post '81 DIAS is a class 3 item, IIRC.