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September 17, 1999, 11:36 AM
Dear Friends,

It's been a long Long LONG time since my last post to TFL. More than half an year has gone by, I reckon...

Perhaps I will try and bother you with the nasty details concerning my somewhat hasty departure, but for the time being, I'd like to ask you for advice concerning the existence of any and all emma-gee friendly ranges near or in Glendale/AZ.

I'm planning to visit a friend over there this next October and thought that, barring any surprise trips to "The Creek", I should stick by AZ in order to exercise some trigger time, so to speak.

Uh, btw, taking into account that I would not be able to take ANYTHING with me to AZ, the range(s) -if any- should have rental guns available.

It's nice to be back into TFL, much more so for posting my "comeback post" to 'Full Auto,' that's for sure!

TIA for you all,


Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum -- Audaces Fortuna iuvat

September 17, 1999, 05:32 PM
Check out Mandall's in Scottsdale or Caswell in Phoenix. They are both indoor ranges and have rental guns. I know Mandall's has full-auto for rental. Not sure about Caswell. Unfortunately they are not close to Glendale. However if you have your own guns, then Ben Avery Range is closer to Glendale. Ben Avery is a very nice outdoor range run by the Game & Fish Dept or Parks Dept (I think) and you can shoot full-auto. My favorite is the Rio Salado Range. Its an outdoor range run by the Parks Dept. They have steel targets placed at 100, 200 and 300 yards. Full-auto welcome except Sundays. To quote one of the range officer " As long as you don't use armor piercing ammo, go ahead and shoot the hell-out-of the steel targets". Enjoy your visit in AZ.

September 18, 1999, 10:55 PM
Caswell's does not have Class III for rent. They are a pistol caliber and shotgun only range. Caswell is in Mesa. I don't think they would be Class III friendly because Range rules don't allow rapid fire. Call first.
Mandell's, as stated above, does rent ClassIII, however, you should bring your Brinks truck because the cost is steep and you have to buy their ammo.
Another place to shoot is Shooters World. They rented Class III at one time. I haven't been there in years so I don't know if they still do. Shooters World is on 28th Ave. at Indian School Road (just west of I-17), in Phoenix. Also call first.

May your lead always hit center mass and your brass always land in your range bag.


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September 21, 1999, 01:03 AM
Appreciated it, guys!

I am looking forward to enjoying my stay in Arizona, which will be much more fun, thanks to you!

Again, thanks for your time and attention, and if you need anything down here, deeply south of the Rio Grande, drop me a line!

Best regards,


Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum -- Audaces Fortuna juvat