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September 14, 1999, 01:04 AM
I heard you can use the UZI 9mm mags in the Colt 9mm. Is this true? The UZI mags are more available and less costly.


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September 15, 1999, 02:53 AM
It appears that uzi mags are convertable. I also have a Colt Sporter in 9mm. Although I have a couple of dozen 20 and 32round factory Colt mags I aquired a few non factory mags. These sem to have been converted from IMI magazines as that are stamped IMI on the floorplate. The magazines do not hold the bolt open. The magazine retention hole is in a different location from the uzi. In addition the rear of the magazine lip is cut deeper to allow the colt ejector to clear. They work fine and have never failed me. I primarily use these mags for practice. I use the real Colt mags for class and (Hopefully not) home. Out of my four AR's this is my favorite. It operates as easily as a .22 rifle. Once converted you can't use them in an Uzi.

September 15, 1999, 12:26 PM
First of alll, thank you for the info. I found 32-rd aftermarket mags (not sure who makes them). Should I buy them or just stick with Colt's facotry mags.

Any good source to buy the Colt factory mags?

September 15, 1999, 11:33 PM

September 15, 1999, 11:44 PM
I'm happy you found a source of inexpensive mags. Since you also reside in the Peoples Republic of California I suggest you aquire as many Colt magazines as you are able. Colt factory mags seem practically indistructable. One possible source for them is KY Imports. I have not purchased any from them. (Yet) I don't know if they are really available. They are advertised for sale on their web-site. Here's the info:
Phone (502) 244-4400 , Fax (502) 244-0577,
E-mail [email protected] Let me know how they are on service if you get any. We don't have much time left in the year to aquire high capacity mags. Good luck!

4V50 Gary
September 18, 1999, 08:21 PM
The 9mm Colt magazine is modified from the Uzi. I have one 32 round Uzi mag modified for the Colt. The only functional difference is that the bolt hold won't work after the last shot (fine by me).

If you have a milling machine, or are very steady with a drill and files, you can modify the Uzi mags for the Colt. Use a Colt factory magazine for the model.

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