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Byron Quick
September 13, 1999, 11:52 PM
1) My Uzi was converted to selective fire by SWD, Inc. of Atlanta just prior to the 1986 ban. The recoil spring guide rod had a rubber fitting that has disintegrated. I have fired about three hundred rounds through it without this fitting with no malfunctions.
What was the purpose of the rubber part? Is it necessary and if so, where can I get a replacement?

2) Are there any practical ways to increase the inherent accuracy of this firearm?

3) What level of practical accuracy should be the goal of practice?

4) Using half size silhouette targets at fifty feet, firing two shot bursts on full auto with a 32 rd. magazine, I was able to place the shots from a full magazine into the head of the target with only one rd. missing the head. I was firing unbraced and standing. Stock extended and using the sights :)

James K
September 15, 1999, 08:31 PM
I have seen a couple of those conversions, but have not taken them down. Where was the rubber fitting? It sounds like it might have been put in to absorb some of the recoil or to reduce rubbing on the frame.


Byron Quick
September 16, 1999, 07:56 AM

The rubber fitting slid onto the back of the recoil guide rod and fit into the receiver about an inch or so from the end of the rod.

James K
September 16, 1999, 12:44 PM
That definitely sounds like a buffer, probably to spread recoil force and prevent distortion of the receiver. I would try to replace it.


September 16, 1999, 07:36 PM
To increase accuracy you might consider a shoulder stock or even a cyclic rate reducer. When the cyclic is reduced, you'll get greater accuracy.

Byron Quick
September 16, 1999, 08:05 PM
Thanks, Jim and glock. I appreciate it.