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August 14, 1999, 12:07 AM
Yes I've lost my poor mind. I found an Oldsmobile 20mm cannon but it is missing the 60 round drum mag. Anybody know where I could find a drum mag? I'd rather do that than the belt feed attachment, but if you know where one of those is I'd like to hear about it. /also looking for a mount but I figure most of you won't part with the wing off your jet. (?)
It's not your Father's Oldsmobile!
thanks, Lahti20mm

David Schmidbauer
August 14, 1999, 06:52 AM

Figured this was you. Personally, I'd buy a Hummer or a Duce en a Half and mount it in the back of that. :D

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August 16, 1999, 11:25 PM
Yeah, I was mayby thinking of a ferret for a mount. That way not only would I be able to have a gun to work on, I could duplicate the experience of all my friends who suffered at the hands of english cars. I wondered at armored cars selling for $12,000 until I rembered all my friends with at least 2 if not 3 MG's. Not because they liked them, but because they had to have that many to keep one semi-operational.does any body know if Ferrets have Lucas "lord of Darkness" ignition systems?

August 18, 1999, 06:14 PM
Considered a UniMOG for the roll-about?

August 21, 1999, 06:42 AM
That's a CANNON! But I still don't know where to get a drum magazine.

Try IMA at: http://www.ima-usa.com



They get some 'interesting' stuff now and then.

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