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August 15, 1999, 03:36 AM
Most of us know that MP5 is not an ammo. sensitive SMG, but I just wonder if anyone had malfunction experience using Federal 124Gr. 9mm +P+ Hydra-Shock ammunition.



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Robert Foote
August 15, 1999, 11:31 AM
I have some experience with the MP5 to include the silenced version--however most of it was with RNJ ammo for training purposes; not sure what the SD had in it as I just borrowed it for the moment. My impression (and it is only that) is that the gun will eat anything happily including H/S. I have run H/S plus P plus through Glocks and untuned High Powers with no problems I have never seen any malfunctions with the MP5, period. I have heard that they do not like Blazer aluminum cased ammo but that is the only thing I have ever heard on possible ammo reliability in the MP5. I presume that H&K would put something out if it were an issue as everyone in the world uses them--probably including NZ SAS. They are one of my favorite guns. Unfortunately I couldn't take one with me when I retired and no one gave me one for a parting gift--darn.

August 15, 1999, 01:01 PM

Thanks for your info. on the MP5, and yup, you guess it right about the NZ SAS.


August 16, 1999, 10:02 AM
I operate sub gun matches hear in the US and get to see HK in action all the time. At a recent match one of our competitors came in with his MP5 and a friend had given him five cartons of HS ammo. this was a gift for allowing the local LEA to use his HK for training. This ammo caused several stoppage's on this gun, this gun has a perfect record for reliability. We switched to FMJ and the problem went away, guess we found out why he got the ammo for free. This may not be typical results with this ammo but it would not feed properly in this gun.

4V50 Gary
August 19, 1999, 08:09 PM
In my SMG instructor class, we have numerous MP5s and many types of ammunition. They gobbled up everything and about the only thing which would occasionally fail out be the nondescript surplus 9mm from some unknown foreign nation.

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