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July 8, 1999, 10:47 AM
How many of you here are sub gun match competitors? I have been shooting and running sub gun matches since 1989. I have recently formed American Class 3 Association, this organization is made up of, for, and by the shooters. We hold matches all over the country and are always looking for more locations to hold matches. We have a national tournament coming up in September of this year in Alabama. We have four different classes so all sub guns are covered, Have questions or just want to talk sub guns? Fire away.

July 8, 1999, 03:21 PM

How do the competitions work? Is it straight up, "run what ya brung" where a STEN competes against an MP5, or are there different classes for different types of guns?

Are there any competitions coming up before September?

July 8, 1999, 04:11 PM
taxphd: The classes are as follows; hi speed, this is for the M11 and similar firearms that fire at 950 RPM or higher, limited modifications allowed. C/R, this is easy if it is on the C/R list it is in this class, this includes tube guns and firearms that are so similar as to be the same as one on the list. Stock, this class includes all other subguns not in C/R and hispeed, no modifications to the firearm allowed. Modified, this class is pretty much wide open, red dot sights are allowed in this class as well as firearm mods and changes. The modified class is the class most of the top shooters shoot in, this is a fast class and is not very forgiving of errors as the winner can often be determined by .002 of a second. Don't get me wrong it is not as tough as it sounds, it really is a lot of fun and very exciting. By the way you get to meet some of the finest people in the world in this sport, I have friends all over the world as a result of this sport.

The next match is to be held in Chattanooga Tenn on 17 July. You can go to http://www.netbabbler.com/goto?forumid=23404 and find several listings for matches listed there in several posts. I am currently working on a web page to list all matches and shoots that I know of in the US. If you wish to contact me, [email protected] will get me the message.