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James K
May 31, 1999, 01:38 PM
A word to the wise. There is a report on another site of BATF confiscating "remanufactured" M14 receivers. So far, in this case at least, they have not made an arrest, only seized the receivers. Some sellers of these are of the opinion, based on one court case, that the receivers are legal to sell and possess. BATF has said not so and that they will continue to enforce the law as they interpret it until a final court decision is made.

These cases are bad for the innocent, since even if a person is found innocent or even not prosecuted at all, he can be out the cost of the receiver, legal costs, bond costs, lost work time, etc.


4V50 Gary
June 1, 1999, 10:23 PM
Thanks Jim. There's a gun club (I forgot which one) which was trying to get our good buddies at the ATF to carve out an exception for the M14. The intent was to demilitarize the current stock and make the M14s available to the target shooting community via the CMP (ex DCM). The world still waits with baited breath....

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

James K
June 1, 1999, 10:58 PM
Ever hear of the M14M? The old DCM was ready to release Match M14s for NRA sales. These would have had the auto parts welded solid by the Government and with the new marking they would not have been M14s. The announcement was to be made about the same time as the announcement of the release of M1903A4 with mounts and scopes. Around December, 1963. Needless to say, no M14Ms were made or released.