View Full Version : Hirtenberger L7A1 124gr 9mm 1991 sub gun ammo

May 17, 1999, 08:16 PM
I decided not to take the 9mm full auto path, but what fun shopping. Burned up about 2400 rounds in 6 hours. When I purchase full auto, I'll probably go M-16. The sticker on the MP5 was just too much to justify. The M11 was an almost sell, but seemed cheesy after the H&K. Since I have no 9mm carbine suitable for this round, I want to trade the 1200 rounds not used in testing to someone familiar with this ammo. Looking for AR-15 GI 30 round or M14 GI 20 round mags.

I hope it is appropriate to post here. This seemed the best place because few people seem familiar with this ammo. One guy who wanted to trade for this ammo said he would shoot it in his Browning because it was a 'High Power'. Duuuuuuuhh!!!! No matter what I said, he couldn't get it through his head that this ammo is unsafe to fire in pistols.

If you get to western Washington or northern Oregon, and are interested, please drop me an e-mail and we can hook up.