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Phil in AK
March 17, 1999, 01:48 PM
If a person owns an origional PS Mac 10/open bolt and would like to buy another upper reciever and barrel for it, Can he do that legally without a paperwork hassel?

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March 18, 1999, 11:22 AM
My understanding is that anyone may buy any unrestricted parts. Understand that some restricted parts in proximity to a similar weapon (i.e. a 10.5" AR upper and an AR) may be construed as an NFA device (in this case an SBR). The registered part is the regulated part, so you could buy another frame flat or whatever for your weapon and still be legal. I believe that the sear is the registered part on the Mac 10s.

The best and most definitive answer I can give would be to request a written reply to your questions with the Technology Branch of the BATF and keep it with your other paperwork.

You might also want to look at the FAQs on their website for a little better guidance, but don't take it as gospel. Get it from the Tech Branch in writing is the only legally acceptable answer.

B. Strong
March 18, 1999, 12:00 PM
As fal308 says, it is always best to get the answer straight from ATF, but as the lower receiver is the registered part, I see no reason why you can't replace the upper assembly on a pre-81 OB MAC. If the piece is a carbine type, don't put a pistol upper on it W/O ATF reg. as an SBR though.

David Schmidbauer
March 18, 1999, 06:18 PM
You may want to go to http://www.subguns.com/main/main.htm and post this question there. They are a site dedicated to Class III thingys. There is also some Lawyers on it that specialize in this type of legislation.

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