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4V50 Gary
February 16, 1999, 02:39 PM
Back in the Great War, stationary rifle batteries were used for harassment fire, hooked up to tripwires to protect against infiltration and whatever imaginative thought came to mind. For those who aren't familar with rifle batteries, they were devices to which several rifles could be affixed. The rifles would then be loaded and cocked with the trigger activated by a lever.

Well, I was musing about how a cam shaft works in an automobile. Why not bring back the rifle battery but use semi-automatic rifles (Mini14s)? The battery would be operated by an electrically powered camshaft and the rate of fire could be controlled by a knob. Somewhat like the old Calico mounts for the M1 carbine or 10/22 but depending on the length of the cam, you can have more than 2 guns. Perfectly legal too.

February 16, 1999, 08:21 PM
Check out "The Poor Man's James Bond". I don't own it, but when paging through it I saw a plan for mounting a 10/22 on a vehicle. They set up a remote trigger activator, that fired the rifle at full auto rates.

Rob Pincus
February 16, 1999, 08:30 PM
Actually, I believe that there is a law against a motorized trigger activator system. You can use a hand crank (as in the bipod systems you mentioned), but I am under the impression that to use a non-human power source would make a weapon that violates NFA.

Hopefully, someone knows for sure.

Daren Thompson
February 16, 1999, 09:41 PM
I don't know for absolute sure but Rob is right I already had this idea. My idea was to get two SKS rifles (cheaper than Mini's ) mount them side by side then use a hand crank. Then I thuoght of an electric motor to spin a cam, upon researching I found that a hand crank would be legal, but a motor illegal like a GE minigun
Hope this helps

PS I still thing this would look really cool mounted in the back of my lifted Chevy 4X4

February 16, 1999, 11:10 PM
I can't point you to the specific cite in the GCA/NFA laws, but it *IS* illegal to use a motorized crank. You've essentially created a device which will fire more than one shot with the activation of device... the unregistered "machinegun" could be something as simple as a small motor, or even the on/off switch to the motor!

That's why Gattling Guns are OK, but motorized Gattling Guns are called miniguns. <grin>

danbrew :->

February 17, 1999, 10:36 AM
Even hooking up a weapon to fire remotely by tripwire is illegal in many areas. I remember back when I was in college in a small farm town there was a big story in the regional papers and news programs about a catburgler who successfully sued a farmer who set up a tripwire shotgun in his house. The career BG B&Eed and was shot in the house. The farmer had been broken into several times if I recall correctly and couldn't stay at home all the time so he rigged up his shotgun. Unfortunately the farmer ended up on the short end.

4V50 Gary
February 17, 1999, 02:25 PM
I stand corrected on the legal point. Thank you all for being so gentle.