View Full Version : Picked up a few NFA toys...

February 8, 2005, 07:09 PM
Beretta BM-59


...the happy switch


Your basic M11/9


PAWS/Oly M16

Came looking like this


Currently looks like this


Also had it running with my 14.5" M4A3 upper.


February 8, 2005, 07:13 PM
Very nice, indeed!

But you know you're going to have to get a beltfed one of these days... :D

(edited to add)
And didn't you also get a little something in .45? Where's Tommy?

February 8, 2005, 07:52 PM
The Thompson is still in Dennis Todd's hands. I left him a message today asking what the status was.

And I was talking to Howard about the 1919...

February 8, 2005, 08:41 PM
That's a beautiful BM59!
You going to use the Cobray for competition?

February 8, 2005, 09:47 PM
Unfortunately, there aren't any local subgun competitions, though I've been thinking about starting one up. I'll get the usual mods to make the M11 more useful and see where it goes.

too many choices!?
February 9, 2005, 11:52 PM
Hows the flame and percussion of that little fire breather :D ?

Edited to say: I just realized I should be more specific as you have two "little fire breathers" in the pictures :eek: ! I mean the '16 with the 7 1/2"(?) upper.

February 10, 2005, 06:09 PM
Percussion is noticible; flash isn't too bad. Biggest surprise is that it runs flawlessly with the upper (a 7.5" Model 1 pistol upper).

March 12, 2005, 03:08 PM
thats a very nice set of gun you have.
how much did it cost you? :confused:

March 14, 2005, 08:56 AM
Well, I bought a few guns; total cost would have probably bought a new Corvette.

This was part of the original batch, too.


And given what Reisings have been advertised for lately, I picked up another one over the weekend, minty, with a 3 digit serial number (The pictured one has a 6 digit serial), for just a little more than I paid for the first one.

March 19, 2005, 08:32 PM
AWSOME!!!! :cool:

April 15, 2005, 11:37 AM
the BM59 is a Ital Alpini version ,with folding stock ....i use this weapons when i served in italy army...
My father buyed one of this BM 59 directly from the beretta,when in italy we can ... only tha weapons was blued end not parkerized..