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Jeff White
January 7, 1999, 09:56 PM
In another thread, Rob mentioned that a lot of small police departments had an M16 or two in the closet. This got me thinking. My local department HAD two M16A1s. A standard 20" and a 14.5" carbine. Sold them in 1992 to raise money to buy semi automatic pistols. Here in rural South Central Illinois, I know of a Reising and two nice Thompsons within 20 miles of here. I wonder what else is sitting around gathering dust? What interesting weapons do other forum members know about in police arsenals?


Rob Pincus
January 7, 1999, 10:47 PM
You name it and it is in a police armory some where.

The most interesting thing we have up in the county is a Beretta SMG. I've no idea why the ASST chief ordered it.. the local PD is a pretty eclectic bunch anyway, they threw conventional wisdom and thriftiness aside and purchased SIG 220s for all the patrol officers a couple years ago!


4V50 Gary
January 7, 1999, 10:54 PM
About twenty seven M1928A1 Thompsom SMGs; one of which came from the Fed Pen. at Alcatraz. How it came about is unknown, but nobody's asking now and nobody cares.

Ordinary stuff includes Rem 700 PSS, a 50 caliber Barrett, a lot of MP5s, AR15s and some Uzis.

January 8, 1999, 09:34 AM
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January 8, 1999, 09:35 AM
Lots of little goodies, although all I can remember seeing are some Thompson SMGs and M16s. I know there was alot more, but I can't remember what it all was. This is in a town of 7000


Daren Thompson
January 9, 1999, 12:06 AM
In a small town of about 500 in Montana the sheriffs office has 3 M16A1s an AK-47(full) and a M231?( I think that is right) port firing device. The later two were come by when a local kid brought back some desert storm trophies, sold them, and got caught.

Benton Quest
January 9, 1999, 01:02 AM
I'm issued a Colt M-4 and carry it daily in my patrol car......Does that count?

January 10, 1999, 02:44 PM
Best one I have heard is an area firm that had good reason to possess fireams, had 6+ Thompsons in hard cases w/ all accessories.
They threw them into a location that they can't be retrieved from, ever. Course they can't prove they did that either. I suspect BATF was not thrilled.