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4V50 Gary
December 10, 1998, 12:46 AM
Heckler & Koch's new rifle is vastly different from the successful G3/HK91 family of weapons. Comments?

December 13, 1998, 06:28 PM
Looks neat, too bad it's not going to be legal in the US anytime soon.

Too bad also that even if it was, there are no preban mags, nor does it take AR mags....


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

December 13, 1998, 11:12 PM
HK36, shot one in July during an IALEFI RTC at Dayton, Ohio. The sighting system was neat, but other than that, well I was underwhelmed. Personal, would rather have a CAR. GLV


December 16, 1998, 06:25 AM
I understand that people aren't exactly lining up to get those things. The overall feel of the weapon is not bad, but the optical system leaves something to be desired. The bilevel red dot/iron/magnifiying scope setup leaves the user with choosing a sight that's either too low or too high for comfort. I think that the UMP holds more promise (see my other post about that for more info). The G36 does not fill any particular niche that the M4/CAR15 A3 series can't fill for cheaper (and easier, for non LE/M owners).