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November 14, 1998, 03:21 PM
I got to shoot the HK Universal Machine Pistol (UMP) at the SWAT Roundup this week. The boys at HK had two production protos with them, about 95% of the final form. The gun resembles a sleek, polymer Walther MP-L subgun. It fires from a closed bolt, has a polymer receiver with PDW style side folder, iron sights with Weaver rail on the receiver top, and M16 (or MP5/10) style lower receiver controls -- safe/semi/full, M16A2 style pistol grip, bolt hold open. The charging handle is like the MP5 family. Magazines resemble the MP5/10, and hold 25 rounds of .45. The feed lips are set up for single column feed, like a gigantic double stack pistol mag. I found this out after trying hard to press a round through the feed lips. Oops. The gun, as could be expected for a .45 subgun, was more jumpy than a 9mm or 10mm MP5. The reps stated that it was to fill the need for teams that had .45 sidearms and wanted ammo interchangeability. People are big on .45's lately, and HK probably will be able to sell one or two of these. Hey, it's an HK -- I'd take it if you gave me one.

4V50 Gary
November 20, 1998, 12:10 AM

Thanks for the update. I'll have to check it out sometime. :)


May 6, 2005, 05:59 PM
H&K is pushing the UMP series really hard. I personally do not like the SMG UMP's. The G36 is a nice machinegun though. We have 4 of them. We also have 8 of the UMP 40 cal's. On paper you can't beat a UMP. Lighter, easier to clean and isn't choosey about the ammunition that is put through it. But, we also have 6 MP 5's in our arsenal. No one and I mean no one on our team that has been issued an MP 5 ever want's to "trade up" to the 40 cal UMP's. The MP 5 is harder to clean, heavier and is very picky on the ammo she consumes. There is something to be said when six operators don't want to switch.