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4V50 Gary
November 10, 1998, 01:45 AM
Hi folks,

Yoni mentioned that he regularly engages his targets in a semiautomatic mode @ 150 metres with his M16 foregrip equipped Mini-Uzi.

Just out of curiousity, what's the farthest distance target you regularly plink/shoot at? Please specific what make smg, whether you use a sling, shooting position, and sights. Also, please state your consistency in hitting the target. Doesn't have to be X-rings, just hits on the target.

For myself, 75 yards with a MP5/40, iron sights, standing, sling not used. KInda like rifle shooting except for the more aggressive smg stance.


November 10, 1998, 07:18 PM

Back when men were men and giants roamed the earth: a friend and I would occasionally play auto-mortar with the suppressed MAC-10s we had. Targets were cardboard silhouettes out to approx 300M over a dirt (recently harrowed) field (distance estimated by pace, not measured). Fires were full-auto. Sights were adequate out to about 130. For 150-250M, the Ingrams were positioned close to the right abdomen, with right forearm actually braced against it. Left hand on suppressor with left arm extended straight out as a rigid brace. Then it was walk-in fires with adjustment made by sliding right forearm down abdomen. Past that distance, the dispersion pattern was such that hits were very improbable, in fact the one or two we had were at best accidental. The only indicator of effectiveness of the .45acp round at 200M was that it penetrated through some pumpkins which were 10-15 inches in diameter. Hardly a scientific test, just a couple of guys kicking it around to see what the capabilities might be.

November 10, 1998, 11:27 PM
I have a friend with a Uzi. He tells me he can hit a paper plate at 200 yards from prone. (He also once shot a tack at 150 measured yards with a Marlin. He's really upset because his eyes are going bad, and he's down to 20/20. Says he feels half blind.)

Mark Cook
November 11, 1998, 12:23 PM
My wife and I always attend the annual invitation-only "High Country Shoot" in Taos, NM, over Labor Day weekend. While there, we regularly take out the 1' sq. steel targets at 220 yds. with our MP-5. This is done both on semi and full-auto fire. With 115 gr. slugs, the trick is to hold about 6" over.


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November 14, 1998, 03:25 PM
I'd shot a bit at 1/3 size steel IPSC targets at 75 yds with an M16/9mm, Tasco PDP2 12' red dot sight, standing. Yes, I hit it. The 12' dot is a bit rough past 50 yds.