View Full Version : .36 1851 Navy is loose

January 28, 2005, 11:13 AM
My .36 caliber 1851 Colt Navy (made by Pietta) is loose. The Cylinder base pin that the cylinder rotates on is loose. My dad has an .44 1847 Walker (Made by some other Italian company....Uberti I think) and his cylinder base pin unscrewed from the frame of the gun allowing me to get in and clean it out better. I tried unscrewing the base pin on mine since they are essentially the same gun (just a smaller frame). I didn't get it off....it didn't even budge....but somehow I did loosen it. And now I can't even get it tightened back. I also noticed that the cylinder has to be given a little force when placeing it on and off the base pin. How can this be fixed?

Thank you,

James K
January 29, 2005, 08:39 PM
The base pins on those revolvers are normally staked at the back end. There is no reason to remove the base pin for cleaning, and they should be considered part of the frame. To fix yours, install the barrel normally to get things lined up, then stake the base pin lightly to keep it from moving. Remove the barrel and support the base pin on a firm surface (copper jaw vise works, but any solid surface will do) and then stake it heavier. Use a good punch and give it a whack and the base pin should be in there to stay.

The staking can be done with the hammer in place, but I recommend removing the grip straps and the hammer and spring.