View Full Version : Am going to try and do some three gunning this year

January 27, 2005, 06:01 PM
Found out they do it not too far from me, and I really want to try it. What would you guys recomend for a raw beginner? I am not a novice at shooting, but I have never done any kind of competition at all.

Here is what I would be using:

Pistol: ....... Glock 26 or 92FS.

Rifle: ......... 16" Bushy upper on PWA lower.

Shotgun: ... M590 W/ ghost ring sights.

Both pistols are stock, except the 92FS has Houge grips.
Th AR has 3 pos. sliding stock, A2 sights, and Bushmaster's AK style muzzle break.
The M590 is stock with the Speed Feed stock.

Things I am considering: I have wanted for a long time to get a C-More Scout sight for the AR. I really like the low profile, single lens design of it. Maybe this would finaly be a good excuse!
Other than that, I know I will need a good holster and mag carriers. Is it worth it to get the rubber floor plates for the mags?
My main thing is I really want to do this, but I also have to keep within a pretty lean budget. And I also don't want to go crazy with add ons. I like simple and reliable, as you can probably tell by my weapons choices. I would rather use the weapons in the configuration that I would carry and use them in any situation. ie SHTF, home defense, CCW, etc. Does this make sense?

Ok, I am open to any and all comments and opinions. Thanks