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January 21, 2005, 08:12 AM
Steyr Mannlicher problem
I'm new to The Firing line and may have posted this in the wrong forum initially - so if anyone thinks this looks familiar, my apologies, but this gun is really puzzling me.

Model SL in 30.06 with left hand bolt - Factory tells me it was made in 1975 and is in beatiful condition - not much used but well looked after.
collected it just before Christmas - Fired some test rounds (IMI Samson FMJ) thru it - approx 5 - before the huge 4 x 6 Nickel scope come back and bit me i.e "scope eye" and hurt head stopped play.
so went home - loaded some lower power home loads - full lenth resize in RCBS dies used RP cases/155gr FMJ.....would NOT chamber!???
i.e. bolt handle will not close over last quarter inch of travel -
albeit a bit notchy but closes OK with empty chamber.
again - tried some of the IMI Samson FMJ ...would NOT chamber!???
also tried some MILSURP ...would NOT chamber!???
All three types, IMI, home loads and MILSURP all worked well in M1903A3 and P17 I have owned.
Cleaned the entire gun - interior with bronze brushes and various solvents- cannot see anything stuck in the chamber - like IMI crimp.
It would appear that the chamber has been reduced in diameter vis length?
is this possible? stange things can happen?
(I've made cut down 308 length cases and turned down some 3.06 cases to reduced diameter and they fit/bolt closes) Have attempted to make chamber cast using Cerroform but could not get the cast metal out the chamber - had to melt it out!!
it has been suggested that the chamber needs re-reaming?
any clues before I start throwing money at the beast??
Living in the UK we have some strange laws and rechambering requires reproofing and one gunsmith I have spoken to reckons Mannlicher barrels are too hard to re-ream?

I don't want to rebarrel as the bore is super and its a barley-twist.
Might try making my own lapping formers if the chamber is that hard?

any ideas?


Harry Bonar
April 12, 2005, 08:01 PM
dear sir;
take that to a good gunsmith before doing anything more to it; you've got some chamber dimension problems
harry b.

James K
April 12, 2005, 08:23 PM
I don't know if you can get them in the UK, but there are sizing dies made for semi-auto rifles that are tighter than the standard dies and swage all the way back. I think those might size your cases to work OK. But IHarry has a point. Make sure of what you are dealing with first.

AFAIK, Mannlicher barrels are not chromed and are no harder than any other barrel steel, and softer than some of the newer barrels.