View Full Version : 416 Taylor building

Harry Bonar
January 20, 2005, 05:21 PM
Dear Sirs:
Now I need some advice. I'm building a 416 Taylor - have the cases, bullets and dies. Question is this: I have Turkish Mausers, which are good and hard on the inside locking lug area (980x12 bbl. thread) magazines are open to 3.340+ and would need bolt face opened up (already have one done) and a Savage 111 in 300 Win. Mag with detatchable clip, and a Weatherby Vanguard (entry level) in 7MM Mag with floorplate. All but the Mauser are "push-feed" which I and Finn Agaard both like, (Finn is now passed).
Which would you guys use? I lean toward the Savage - cartridges fit great in detatchable mag but front will need judiciously lowered and polished for last round. of course I need to load a dummy with a 325 gr. Hornady in it and see if it really needs done (emptys feed right in chamber other than the last round) and the length of clip is about 3.450. Sounds good to me?? The cartridges are, of course, the same dia except in the neck area, I don't think I'd have a bit of trouble with this feeding??? I'm using a no. 5 Douglass bbl. and I think I'd leave it with the "nut." What do you guys think?
The Weatherby, also would work fine but I hate to rip that 7MM Mag bbl. out (they are in there like they grew in!
The Mauser is another kettle of fish; I've built 7MM Magies on the Turk and they worked fine, feeding, no set-back etc. but it's a job and I'll have to order a Boyd stock (Warner Varmiter style)
What do you guys think; Ill appreciate your input greatly. Harry Bonar :)