View Full Version : Colt SAA Cylinder ????

Joe W
January 16, 2005, 11:32 PM
I obtained a .45 Cal. Cylinder which will fit in my 1st Gen. Colt SAA. ( 1902 mfg). I would not use it in that gun as I suspect that the Cylinder is Black Powder. My research indicates that serial numbers were not placed on cylinders after serial # 120000. This cylinder has the numbers 18836 on it. Would that indicate that the original gun was Ser. # 118835 ?? If so this would be a black powder cylinder. Is that correct ???
Also, on the rear of the cylinder between two chambers is the letter "C" and between the next two chambers the letter "O". Also about 3/4 inch above ser. # there is a letter ""c" and same distance below ser. # is the letter "P"
Would like to learn whatever I can about this cylinder.
Also, is there any other way I can tell if it is a black powder cylinder ???

January 27, 2005, 11:39 PM
this one seems tough, what i can tell you is if you dont know for sure its a colt then all the serial number info is off. it could easily be one of the Italian clone parts, they label there cylinders , but from what i can tell usually just the last 4 letters, I would go back to the source of the cylinder to find out what they know. good luck.