View Full Version : Walther PPK/S proofed 1969/photos/questions.

January 16, 2005, 12:42 PM
I'm just trying to compile more info/value for my collection and this is one.

Walther PPK/S .22 cal with '69 antler bird over N' on the chamber

I have the box, cleaning tools and test target, but the two magazines I have are odd. Neither of them is stamped, They hold 9 rounds each so it seems. I don't have the one with a typical walther floorplate though. It has a really big extension for a full bodied hand, but does not match the grips that are on the gun. The original grips can be seen in the pic, but the ones that are on it have a raised place for resting of the thumb from a right handed shooter. The back, or rear of the grip is gnurled, but the guns fram is not nurled back there, did walther ever make a 22 that was nurled on the back of the frame. Also, ,the serial number is: 1153xxS, and it is also stamped on the slide, but under the grips it is stamped with a different number. Here is the pic, let me know about the mags or any other info besides what the poof marks and all are.